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Admit It! We Will All Miss The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory is not something with great critical acclaim, nor are people too disillusioned about its ending. Perhaps, what is mainstream is not considered very artistry. But it cannot be forgotten that the Big Bang Theory actually picked up a scientific, boring, nerdy, unlikeable concept and converted it into a hilarious masterpiece. It was the show that bloated something intricate with ‘fun’ and ‘thrill’ to eventually make it look mainstream. So it is safe to say that having achieved its goals, its twelve season run has been iconic. The show premiered on 24 September 2007 and to date has been one of TV’s most popular shows ever.

Show for Everyone

While The Big Bang Theory did look like something that only could be enjoyed by people who could reciprocate alike curiosity and aptitude for science, it was, in reality, a show for all. It had jokes from all genres, and sequences relatable in real life. The interactions, the idiosyncrasies the heartbreaks and the moments of joy, were all pretty much grounded to reality.

It Was a Free Science School

The Big Bang Theory was a fun learning experience. A great range of concepts and scientific trivia dawned upon us as we watched the show. What other show can we find that discusses chemistry, physics, mathematics, cosmology, linguistics, natural sciences, computer programming, and general knowledge in intellectual light and yet make us laugh? The show was in fact inspired by the lives of two real-life computer programmers. For the more keen ones, the show was a serving of everything they had asked from life on a plate. While for the dumber ones like me, it was an outrageously jovial sitcom that defined how the nerd life is so different, yet so similar to our own.

Characters on Big bang Theory are Timeless

It is hard to imagine the world without Bazingasss. This anti-social king of nerds had our hearts for sure. We despised his scientific trivia of facts, but the blatant ways of engagement with science made us adore Sheldon too. Our favorite bespectacled, inhaler swinging, besotted lover, Leonard is one gut who gave hope to nerds and geeks all over the world. Leonard’s and Sheldon’s camaraderie was basically the show’s main highlight. They showed us competitive geeks in literally such bizarre warmth that lifted our reservations for the high graders in our class.

Penny was just more than glamour, her relationship with Leonard and friendship with Sheldon were all so delicately crafted. We could totally relate to her bona fide existence on the show. Howard’s transition from a creepy dude who lives with his mom hits on every girl and making everything sound sleazy to an adorable husband to Bernie and then even a father has been amazing. Bernie’s combination of her tiny self and a fierce temperament made her a constant source of entertainment and she deserves applause just for making Howard what he turned out to be. Raj’s romantic misadventures and his friendship with Howard will too be missed greatly. Dr. Amy Farah Fowler, her ability to keep Sheldon in check, and her general presence on the show is something we will yearn for in the days to come.

And the Characters Loved Superheroes!

All four nerds – Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj – are fond of comic books, movies, characters, and games. There are extensive references to the comic world, especially superheroes like Batman. So if you shared enthusiasm for gaming or superheroes, you got the idea of how timeless this fandom is from this show.

Every line is practically well researched, and every character was well written. From the flawless scripting to the acute gestures, everything on the show was splendid. Bidding goodbyes will definitely be a difficult task for Big Bang Theory’s loyal viewers.

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