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Netflix's The Mess You Leave Behind looks promising

Netflix’s The Mess You Leave Behind looks promising

Netflix is bringing another thrilling mystery to our screens this December. Originally titled El desorden que dejas, The Mess You Leave Behind is a Spanish TV series. It has all the right elements, making it a perfect thriller to binge-watch on a weekend. The trailer is out, and you’ll be able to watch the series in a month.

Let’s dive into why it’s a must-watch for those seeking thriller shows full of suspense.

The reasons why you shouldn’t miss The Mess You Leave Behind

El desorden que dejas, or The Mess You Leave Behind, is not the series you should leave behind in 2020. Thrillers are my thing, and I just cannot wait 4 more weeks until the series comes out. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one, honestly.

The other best thing about this series is that it is based on an award-winning novel by the same name. The author of the book, Carlos Montero, also serves as the writer of the show. The series’ plot revolves around Raquel (Inma Cuesta), a young literature teacher. To give her marriage a second chance, she moves to the birth town of her husband. However, that town is holding a dark secret, and Raquel tries to unravel it.

As the trailer shows, Raquel joins the post of literature teacher after the previous one committed suicide. Not exactly an easy task, but she did not know that before she joined the substitute teacher position. The students are not very welcoming as well. Others warn Raquel to beware of the students, one of which is Iago (Arón Piper ).

The theme of the show looks interesting.

We are always dealing with bullying between students, and yet many teachers can tell you about when they feeling attacked by students and being afraid of even going to class.

That’s certainly going to be a different story from what we usually see in the shows. That already makes the story of the show all the more compelling and unique.

What is the cast of ‘The Mess You Leave Behind’

  • Inma Cuesta as Raquel Valero
  • Bárbara Lennie as Viruca Martínez‎‎
  • Roberto Enríquez as Mauro
  • Tamar Novas as Germán
  • Arón Piper as Iago Nogueira‎
  • Roque Ruíz as Roi Fernandez
  • Isabel Garrido as Nerea
  • Fede Pérez as Demetrio
  • Alfonso Agra as Tomás
  • Susana Dans as Marga
  • Xavier Estévez as Ramón
  • Xosé Antonio Touriñán as Gabriel Acevedo
  • María Tasende as Iria
  • Camila Bossa as Isa
  • María Costas as Claudia
  • Abril Zamora as Tere
  • Chelo Falcón as Carmen
  • Ana Santos as Concha
  • Mela Casal as Viruca’s Mother
  • César Cambeiro as Abel

The cast seems very promising in the trailer and it’s surely going to be an interesting watch for the viewers.

The episode list of the show

There are going to be eight episodes of the show:

  1. Into the Lion’s Den
  2. They Know
  3. Count to Three
  4. Downward Spiral
  5. The Secret Place
  6. Your Dark Side
  7. The Third Victim
  8. The Mess You Leave Behind (episode)

The Mess You Leave Behind will be released on Netflix on December 11, 2020. Mark your calendar and watch the trailer to double-mark it.

Are you excited for the series to come out? Let us know in the comments down below. We would love to hear your thoughts on it.