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Vanessa Merrell Responds to ex-boyfriend Hootie Hurley invading her privacy

Vanessa Merrell’s privacy was invaded when her ex-boyfriend Hootie Hurley made a TikTok featuring photos and videos of them as a couple. Many came to Vanessa’s defense including her twin Veronica Merrell. Other in support of the Merrell twin were Corinna Kopf and Alex Wassabi. She responded to the news recently.

On a ‘YouTube Live’ with her sister, Vanessa Merrell speaks up on the incident

Vanessa Merrell talked about how she knew it’s part of the business to face incidents like these:

I know a lot of ya’ll know the situation that is going on. But look, this is just the reality of what we do, the reality of our lives. It just goes to show why – why I’ve always kept things so private. I just don’t like people knowing my business. And it’s just very unfortunate that this stuff happens.

And furthermore added that it was a very unfortunate situation but it’s just part of being a content creator online.

While Vanessa Martell didn’t want to elaborate further but sister Veronica Martell added in that she had a lot to say on the matter:

It’s so hard for us to like – in this business – to like trust people. Because you want to believe the best in people. And then people go and do stuff like this.

And furthermore, Veronica was frustrated that both the Merrell sister are always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt and yet people still behave this way.

Vanessa Merrell admits she was hurt by the incident but she’d rather move on

After Veronica Merrell opening up about the situation, Vanessa Martell wanted to express her gratitude to their collective fans and followers who always support and defend them:

Here’s the thing about whats happened, it just goes to show your guys’s love and support just goes beyond what we ever like imagined. Like obviously what happened really hurt my feelings. and it’s just like you know my privacy’s been invaded and it’s not a good feeling.

The Merrell twins further expressed their love for their very loyal fans:

To have you guys be there and be so supportive and be and stick up for me and ronnie it just really really means a lot and we love you guys so much. you guys are amazing.

She also shared that she did date a guy who was posting the TikToks about her. Vanessa Merrell shares that it was over a year ago and after the break-up, she didn’t talk to him. She also added that she ended things with him and didn’t want to explain the reasons why.

Vanessa made sure to not mention Hootie Hurley’s name and didn’t say anything negative about him or their relationship.