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MrBeast’s not-so-fair $60,000 Hide and Seek Challenge

MrBeast just needs an excuse to make people happy. YouTube philanthropist and the person behind #TeamTrees initiative turned a simple game of hide and seek into something really special for someone. Yes, you guessed it right, it involves him giving away money and a whole lot of it.

What is MrBeast’s Hide and Seek Challenge about?

MrBeast is known for giving away mind-blowing donations/ philanthropy work and some also ask if he is the richest YouTuber alive? We are not really sure about that but the hefty donations and giveaways certainly make one think on these lines.

MrBeast’s latest offering comes in the form of a challenge. A simple version of hide and seek turned into one of the luckiest days for the winner. So what did the winner get? A whopping $60,000 for a day’s work.

MrBeast and his team’s playground was an entire town. Did he pay-off everyone in the town? Well, it won’t come as a surprise if it were to be true. Just to be clear, it was an abandoned town.

This was not a normal challenge though. MrBeast likes to call it an extreme hide and seek challenge. It is called extreme because the players are not allowed to go home until the game ends. The rules of this game gave every player almost 20 minutes to pick a hiding spot before MrBeast and his partner went out fishing for their targets.

The game took an interesting turn when MrBeast found 3 players. The extreme version of the children’s game turned into a not-so-fair one after Jimmy started bribing the found contestants. He offered $1000 to other players if they could help locate the remaining contestants.

To everyone’s surprise, one of the players in this game even managed to order and receive a Pizza while hiding. The bribe, however, didn’t really help him. By nightfall, only one hider was left and MrBeast gave him $60,000 for the win. That’s one lucky guy!

At the core, these videos and the challenges are basically MrBeast’s way of spreading love and happiness and this is what everyone likes about him.