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Mr. Beast's Squid Game: Player #067 Has The Internet Going Crazy, Just Like HoYeon Jung From The Original Series

Mr. Beast’s Squid Game: Player #067 has the internet Going Crazy, just like HoYeon Jung from the original series

After Mr. Beast's Squid Game came out, people could not help but notice player #067. She is trending on Twitter since then.

After the success of Netflix’s Korean show, Mr. Beast’s Squid Game took the internet by storm. Since the popularity of the show, many have recreated similar game shows. However, Mr. Beast’s recreation has to be the most spot-on. In order to bring this recreation, the YouTuber has spent almost $3 million. Among the 456 players, it is #067 who is capturing everyone’s attention. Just like HoYeon Jung from the series, this player is making headlines and people cannot stop talking about her.

Mr. Beast's Squid Game

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After weeks of anticipation. Mr. Beast’s Squid Game is finally here.

A few weeks ago, the YouTuber, Mr. Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson announced that he will recreate his very own Squid Game. Since the popularity of Netflix’s Korean series, Squid Games, people have developed an obsession with it. However, Mr. Beast’s Squid Game is no joke and is a true rendition of the series. From similar sets to 456 players, he has copied everything to the T. While the players are dressed in similar green tracksuits, he himself is dressed in black. At the same time, the players in Mr. Beast Squid Game bear a striking resemblance to the characters of the show. According to him, he has spent $2 million on developing the sets and $1 million on the prizes.

Mr. Beast's Squid Game

Since the YouTuber’s version come out, #067 have become an overnight sensation

While Mr. Beast’s Squid Game has garnered a lot of views itself, it is player #067 who is making some noise on social media. Just like HoYeon Jung in the show, she has captured the hearts of many. After some digging, we have found out that her name is Camilla Araujo who is a model from Texas. Since the YouTuber’s recreation, she has gained a lot of followers on TikTok and Instagram. She has also noticed the attention and thanked people for their love. Although she could not reach the end of the game, she might become a social media star.

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After Mr. Beast’s Squid Game, people have a lot to say about #067.

On Twitter, player #067 has been trending since Mr. Beast’s version came out. Many are comparing her with HoYeon Jung, who played player #067 on Netflix’s series. According to one person:

all i’m saying about the mr beast squid games is tht 067 was hot just like the actual character 067 in squid games.

Meanwhile, another wanted more information about her.

Another did a public service and posted her Instagram profile.

On the other hand, many people claimed that she is a true baddie.

Meanwhile, one person thought she looks like Dixie D’Amelio.

Although Mr. Beast Squid Game has put her on the social media radar, it might just be for a short while. As always, internet people will move on and find a new obsession. However, she should make the best of it for as long as it lasts.