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Millie Bobby Brown’s Ex Jacob Sartorius Reveals He’s Going to Therapy

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is growing up under the spotlight, so naturally her personal life invites a lot of media attention. Especially at a time when various speculations  about her exit from the Stranger Things franchise with the upcoming Stranger Things Season 3 are rife, everything connected to her becomes a sensational piece of news. The 14 year old actress is usually in the news for controversial reasons. In July, Bobby Brown broke up with singer Jacob Sartorius after 7 months of dating. Following which, Sartorius released a song shading Millie, and her contentious friendship with rapper Drake. Although Sartorius and Millie remain at good terms, Sartorius’ recent Instagram story is making fans revisit their breakup. Jacob Sartorius, Millie Bobby Brown, Stranger Things Season 3, Therapy, Millie Bobby Brown Ex- Boyfriend

Jacob Sartorius, The Ex-Boyfriend Of Millie Bobby Brown- Makes Startling Revelations About His Mental Health

In a set of now expired insta-stories, Jacob Sartorius revealed that he has been undergoing therapy since he was only eleven years old. Furthermore, ‘The Sweatshirt’ singer also revealed that he is taking anti-depressants.

The story read

“Yes I take anti-depressants for those who are gonna ask. It is because of the society. But Imma let em know how I feel with this new music”.

In another snap, he revealed;

“Been in therapy since I was 11. This ain’t something new. Just starting to share more with some of the closest people in my life.”

Jacob Sartorius Is Seeking Therapy For Depression Since He Was Eleven

While posting about his depression, Jacob Sartorius remained careful as not to attract controversy. Even before internet scrutiny could lead the blame of the therapy sessions on Sartorius’ break up with Millie Bobby Brown, the internet personality revealed that his depression is a long-term disorder. Following Sartorius’ devastating revelation, his fans took screenshots of his stories, and tagged him in motivating wishes.

Jacob Sartorious On Good Terms with Millie Bobby Brown

While Millie Bobby Brown remains busy shooting for Stranger Things Season 3, fans keep channeling in their opinions over regarding Millie’s public life. Much to her dismay, Millie’s recent Instagram post sparked controversy as some viewers found her dress and pose ‘age in-appropriate’.

The actress was quick to shut down all haters. She immediately called out censurers for their blatant criticism.

During the controversy, she found support from her ex-boyfriend Jacob Sartorius.

He responded to her picture by calling her “stunning”.

Millie was recently in contention for becoming  Emmy’s best supporting actress. There was stiff competition between her and The Handmaid’s Tale actress Yvonne Starhovski. Unfortunately; however, both remained unlucky and the prize went to Westworld’s Thandie Newton instead.

Millie Bobby Brown stars in Stranger Things Season 3, which will be out on Netflix, July 4th 2019. The episode titles for the show are already out, and we have decoded them as well.