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James Charles Will Have Subtitles On All Videos for His Deaf Viewers

James Charles decided to make his videos and tutorials more inclusive as he announced subtitles for all the deaf viewers on his channel.

The beauty YouTuber James Charles is definitely everybody’s favorite. Fans simply adore everything about Sister Charles already. But well, it’s about to get so much better. And that’s because he has to be one of the very first YouTubers who are working to make their content more inclusive. Isn’t that great? Charles made the announcement for this incredibly thoughtful gesture himself via Twitter. And needless to say, fans are totally obsessing over his new plan for his videos. In fact, if possible, this brought him a lot closer to the beauty community and fans.

What is James Charles Doing to Make his Videos More Inclusive?

James Charles took to Twitter to announce the new initiative he was taking to make his videos more inclusive for the deaf audience. And the beauty YouTuber claimed that moving forward, all his videos will have complete subtitles to cater to sisters who are either deaf or have difficulty in hearing properly. He even apologized for the fact that it took him so long to be able to finally be able to do this. Apparently, he was trying his best to find a team that could work well. And he even joked about his own talking style which was a bit too fast. Charles concluded his tweet by claiming that he was so happy to be finally doing this.

Very soon, the comments section was taken over by excited fans loving this new step that sister Charles took. Many expressed how they had friends or family members who constituted the deaf audience. And how great it felt to know that this was happening. And well, others were happy because now they could munch in peace without missing out on what James was talking about.

James Charles is an American YouTuber and makeup artist who is most popular for his beauty videos and tutorials. He recently released a new collection in collaboration with Morphe as well. And interestingly, the stock for that palette sold out in less than 10 minutes! Charles is known for his great collaborations, and we absolutely loved the recent ones. At the start of the year, he and Jeffree Star came together to destroy all the makeup they despised. And James Charles also gave Demi Lovato a makeover which we are still obsessed with. Charles is probably one of the absolute favorites because his brief appearance at a mall in the UK brought entire Birmingham to a standstill for hours!