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Isla Fisher Pays Tribute To Parents on her Birthday

The actress Isla Fisher just turned 43, and in honor of her birthday, she decided to pay a tribute to her parents publicly on social media.

The Australian actress Isla Fisher turned 43 today. And well, unlike Nina Dobrev she did not post pictures of her extravagant month-long birthday on social media. Instead, she decided to go about it in a much simpler manner. And paid a heartwarming tribute to her parents on Instagram. But well, it comes with an interesting twist! The woman is trying to hide her age online and not admit that she’s actually 43 years old. But well, if Fisher says she turned 21, then she turned 21! Because the woman looks so young and is undoubtedly someone who possesses timeless beauty. Did she successfully troll her fans using it? Yes, yes she did.

Isla Fisher Honors her Parents on her Birthday

Isla Fisher decided to pay a small yet heartwarming tribute to her parents on her birthday. The actress posted a picture of the couple from their youth, and thanked them both for bringing her into this world. But well, are we reading the caption right? Because Fisher has claimed that they did that 21 years and 9 months back. But for now, let’s focus on the fact that the actress decided to celebrate her birthday by remembering her parents who gave birth to her.

Is Isla Fisher Actually ’21’ years old?

Well, even if some of us did get trolled by the caption, it’s not entirely true. The woman turned 43 years old, and Google sold her out! Naturally, as she uploaded the picture, the comments section exploded. But fans were not reacting to the tribute she paid to her parents. Instead, everybody was trying to comment on how she tried to hide her age. While some people believed that she always and still looks like she is in her teen years, others simply poked fun at it.

Some fans were even commenting how Isla was not lying about her age. But well, she was simply using a different planet as the point of reference. Others were less humorous about the whole affair, and told her than Google was ratting her out! And well, the obviously uninterested scrollers simply wished the actress a happy birthday!

Isla Fisher is an Australian actress who is married to the much controversial Sacha Baron Cohen. Apart from acting, she is also known for being a voice actor and an author. She has penned different books including Marge in Charge and Marge and the Pirate Baby. As far as acting is concerned, the woman has done some great movies and TV shows. Her best works by far obviously include Now You See Me, Wedding Crashers, Tag, The Great Gatsby, Scooby-Doo, and Oliver Twist. 

Well, even if she likes to be 21, let’s just wish her a very Happy Birthday!