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Mena Massoud Eyes for Rush Hour 4 Role As His Chris Tucker Impression Goes Viral

In April, CNN exclusively reported about plans to revive the Rush Hour franchise with a part 4 of the big-ticket action comedy film series. This happened when the films’ star Chris Tucker took to Instagram to wish his co-star and longtime pal, Jackie Chan, on his birthday. After all, what did they did in the picture was bound to get people to whisper. Although there hasn’t been any official word about the same, the hype buildup does indicate the arrival of something big. For now, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker posing with four fingers are the only teases we have for Rush Hour 4. But it appears so that Aladdin star Mena Massoud knows more than us about the speculations in the air. In fact, he has put himself up for consideration for the movie.

Mena Massoud’s Chris Tucker Impression Goes Viral

Mena Massoud, who led the 2019 live-action remake of Disney’s animated hit Aladdin alongside Naomi Scott and Will Smith, recently jokingly tweeted about wanting to be cast in Rush Hour 4. Massoud retweeted a video of him doing an impression of the Rush Hour star Chris Tucker a few days back. And in the caption, the actor laughingly mentioned his desire to be a part of Rush Hour 4.  Mena Massoud Aladdin 

Massoud quipped:

Massoud is officially Hollywood’s new king of impressions. The heartthrob can imitate anyone, whether it be the late Robin Williams or his co-star reprising William’s role in the Aladdin live-action, Will Smith.

Fans Want Mena Massaoud To Re-Initiate His Voice Impressions Segment

Mena Massoud earlier had a popular Instagram segment, where he did impressions of known celebrities. Following the success of Aladdin; however, Mena Massoud discontinued the segment, also removing all his saved impression stories. His Chris Tucker impression has; however, reignited fan craze for his talent.  As a matter of fact, the joint fandoms of Aladdin and Rush Hour are now campaigning for Massoud to bring back his popular impression feature back.

Mena Massoud To Stage Screen Comeback With Hulu’s Reprisal

While he may not star in Rush Hour 4 at the moment. But Massoud is still going to be back on screen space with Hulu’s high octane revenge drama Reprisal. The series, which follows a relentless femme fatale who- after being left for dead- leads a vengeful campaign against a bombastic gang of gearheads, comes from the stables of A+E Studios and The Littlefield Company. Reprisal marks the return of Massoud to screen space following a recurring stint in Amazon Prime’s RyanVerse series ‘Jack Ryan’. While Massaoud has led several TV dramas in the past including Open Heart and The 99 (voice), the Hulu series gives him his first full-fledged lead role on a streaming service.