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Stephen King Compares Veronica Mars To Alphabet Mysteries By Sue Grafton

San Diego’s 2019 edition of the Comic-Con was more eventful for Veronica Mars fans than it was for anyone else. CW and UPN’s hit teen noir drama starring Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars and Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls was supposed to return for a season 4 on Hulu, 26th July 2019. Instead, it landed on the streaming giant a week earlier, on 19th July, while the. show’s team was still in San Diego interacting with the show’s loyal fanbase who had kept the show alive in their hearts for several years.

The show which was on a 12-year hiatus between its 3rd season finale and 4th season premiere debuted to immense critical acclaim. In fact, of all the people singing praises for Veronica Mars Season 4 and Kristen Bell. Moreover, Horror novelist Stephen King popped up to shower the most love. The author even quoted that Mars. reminded him of The Alphabet Mysteries Series by Sue Grafton and its protagonist Kinsey Millhone.

Stephen King Notices a Similarity With the Show and Alphabet Mysteries

As King took to Twitter to pen a heartfelt tribute to the 8-part Rob Thomas drama, he mentioned that the show and its exotic beach action reminded him of Sue Grafton, her Alphabet Mysteries Series, and her PI Kinsey Millhone.  veronica and logan  Jason Dohring

While the Veronica Mars revival may draw several literary inspirations from a bold, unflinching female cop. novels, Grafton’s Alphabet series is probably the closest parallel of the presentation.

Sue Grafton, in her books, introduced a no-nonsense cynical heroine with a heart of hold in PI Kinsey Millhone. Her story collection was also a small town Californian Noir, except for Neptune, Millhone ran her adventures in the fictional town of Santa Teresa. Millhone’s relationship with the local PD, traditionalists town people, local cops, and her sparse romances over the course of 25 books resonate well in the life of Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell).

Veronica Mars Revival On Hulu

This new revival brings Veronica and a few of her friends back to her hometown of Neptune, California. Veronica, like her father, is a private detective. The main conflict arises after a series of bombings break the calm spring-break ambiance around the town’s beaches. Hulu began streaming the first three seasons of the show and the movie at the beginning of the month. If you had been planning to binge the entire thing, it’s time to get a move on.