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Shohreh Aghdashloo Glad ‘The Expanse’ Gave Middle Eastern Women a Spotlight

The Expanse, which is by far the greatest TV show about space ever made, is all. set to return with a bolder and sexier Season 4 this December. The televised version of James S.A. Corey’s novel series of the same name. originally aired its first three seasons on Syfy. However, following a decline in viewership, the cable network pulled the plug off the ambitious sci-fi fantasy drama. Following its closure at Syfy, Amazon Prime immediately stepped in to save the show from the clutches of cancellation. Amazon has; in fact, already ordered a fifth season for it.

While its devoted fans aka Screaming Firehawks may love The Expanse for various other reasons, one primary. the reason behind its popularity is the show’s diverse cast. The leads are essentially non-white. And; as a matter of fact, the strongest women on the futuristic drama, Chrisjen Avasalara (Shohreh Aghdashloo) exclusively furthers Middle-Eastern representation on American TV. The Expanse Season 5 renewed trailer

Shohreh Aghdashloo As Chrisjen Avasarala On The Expanse Season 4

The Emmy-winning Shohreh Aghdashloo from HBO’s House Of Saddam toplines Amazon Prime’s The Expanse. as Chrisjen Avasrala. Avasrala is a master politician and maneuverer, and also the strongest woman in the whole world (actually universe). She is also the strongest woman in the UN, someone who has worked her way up through all the ranks without any elections. Bereaved by personal tragedies, including the deaths of her son and her father at the hands. of Belters and Martian separatists, Avasarala harbors deep resentment for any life that exists beyond Earth. To her, the Earth is the only cradle of humanity. And; hence, to protect it from trouble is her biggest priority.

Shohreh Happy About Representing Iranian And Middle Eastern Woman On The Expanse.

As if intelligent writing, captivating plot lines, credible science, a wealth of source material weren’t enough reasons. to fascinate masses into watching the show, the show’s talented diverse cast comes as an added benefit. Shohreh Aghadshloo as Chrisjen Avasarala is an Asian woman running the world. And according to Aghdashloo, she is proud to represent Iranian and Middle-Eastern women on American TV. The Expanse Season 4 5 release date

According to Aghdashloo, her strong female lead on The Expanse offers a ray of hope to several Iranian. and Middle Eastern women who want to be heroines on American TV. They finally have a character that both looks and sounds like them: a necessary reminder that one doesn’t have to be white to land a pivotal role on TV. The Expanse Season 4 5 trailers renewed

Talking about her role in the series, Aghdashloo says,

“When I was offered the role, I could not believe it: for a woman with my background, from the Middle East, and my color and my accent to play a lead in an American TV series. My God, I just wish that one day, without having the help of my writers, I would be as powerful, as wise, as witty as she is.”

The Expanse’s Diverse Cast

Aside from Shohreh Aghdashloo, several other Expanse cast members are noticeably non-whites. Cas Anvar, Frankie Adams, Dominique Tipper, and Wes Chatham, and Florence Faivre all, through their respective portrayals on the Expanse. The diverse cast help further the representation of marginalized American communities on national TV. Expanse on Prime additionally introduces and removes characters frequently, which means that it always has the opportunity for a multicultural cast. The Expanse Season 4 Season 5 renewed trailer release date

The Expanse Season 4 will land on Amazon Prime December 13th, while its Season 5 will probably air sometime late next year.

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