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Louis Tomlinson Walls Album Review

Louis Tomlinson Walls Album Review

It has been a week since Walls by Louis Tomlinson was released.  Louis Tomlinson is the last of the One Direction members to release his debut solo album. This justifies why there’s such a fuss among fans for his album. The Album was No.1 on iTunes just two days into its release.

The album has 12 tracks and we have a little something to say about each one of them!

Louis Tomlinson’s Walls Album Review

  1. Kill my mind

    Kill my mind may not be the best song on the album. The song has tunes that kind of ring in your ear. Lyrics wise, the song is well-written. However, it’s not a song to relax your nerves, that’s for sure.

  2. Don’t Let It Break Your Heart

    Don’t let it break your heart is a rather chill song. It’s soothing and has a reassuring tone. The song was released in 2019 as a single. Its tone is definitely one we can get behind.

  3. Two Of Us

    Ah. The tribute to his mom. This song is very close to Louis’s heart and you can tell by the tone of it. The song is an expression of the ongoing love for someone who has just lost someone close. So, if you’re struggling with the loss of a loved one, maybe this song is your perfect cup of tea.

  4. We Made It

    I have to say, the start of this song just brings this weird nostalgia. The entire tune of it kind of feels like one of those old stage shows by One Direction. But the song is about a couple who no one thought could make it. Although, it still works in different case scenarios. Maybe it’s a hint towards his girlfriend, Elenor Calder who he just talked marriage plans about.

  5. Too Young

    This song has a rather country-pop, somewhere in the middle of those, tune. The song talks about how he was too young to know things the way they could’ve been. It’s an easy song to fall in love with, especially with Louis’s voice and the tune.

  6. Walls

    This song is all over the place! And I mean it in a good way. The song follows the pattern of the walls one puts up and well, you know the rest. The song is what the album is named after and rightfully so. It’s a heartbreaking yet lovely song.

  7. Habit

    I think the entire album has a bit of a Britpop tone to it. But none more than this song. You could definitely develop a ‘habit’ of this song. Also, this may rank in one of our personal album favorites.

  8. Always You

    Okay maybe this is just us but when the song first starts, this definitely gives off some Ed Sheeran vibes. But not for long. This song, not unlike others, possesses the vibe of a band song.  Maybe he is saying it to One Direction… Louis should’ve never let it go.

  9. Fearless

    Maybe Louis is trying too hard. Walls is a good enough album. But in some songs, he seems so not like himself. Again, love the lyrics, just not feeling the song very much.

  10. Perfect Now

    This song may just be the perfect song on Walls. The song is again a little country-pop. But it works. Louis is a sweetheart so there’s no reason not to love him or this song.

  11. Defenseless

    We wish we didn’t need so much of Louis. Actually Nah, love it. Louis’s song defenseless is the perfect letting your guard down song. Maybe the lyrics could have been a little better, but oh well.

  12. Only The Brave

    This may be our least favorite song on the album. Just not feeling it, at all. The song seems like a drag. Maybe the album could have ended at Defenseless.

So anyway, what are your thoughts on the album? We love Louis and maybe our expectations from Walls were too high.