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Logan Paul takes Shots at David Dobrik in a Recent Vlog!

Logan Paul recently mocked David Dobrik's vlog style after being called out by George Janko for imitating the Vlog Squad founder!

After a long-lasting sabbatical, Logan Paul has once again started posting crazy vlogs on his official YouTube channel. The new style of his videos has undoubtedly connected with the viewers. However, many draw comparisons between Paul’s and David Dobrik’s vlogs. Well, it looks like the host of Impaulsive is familiar with the comparisons and addressed those in one of his recent vlogs while taking shots at the leader of the Vlog Squad.

Logan Paul & Crew make fun of how David Dobrik Edits & Records his Videos!

In his latest vlog titled “FACE TO FACE WITH ANTONIO BROWN!”, Logan’s best friend and fellow YouTuber George Janko joked about Logan imitating David Dobrik’s vlogging style. This caused Maverick to discuss SeatGeek’s favorite influencer.

Paul started off by showing how all of David Dobrik’s vlogs have the same thumbnail of him in awe. Then, another one of Paul’s friends, Tanner Fox, hopped on the bandwagon. Fox said,

“I don’t wanna expose David, but he edits in his friends laughing. He records them all laughing in groups.”

Fox continued by mentioning that the Vlog Squad founder films his friends while they are laughing and then ropes them in to laugh in groups. This “revelation” led to Paul and his crew arguing in groups after saying different things to mock the Award-winning YouTuber.

Relationship between Logan Paul & David Dobrik

It’s safe to say that the two YouTube heavyweights aren’t on good terms at the moment. Last year, Paul discussed Dobrik’s strange behavior. Basically, Paul threw a beach-themed party at his residence. Dobrik, along with a couple of Vlog Squad members, attended it. During the party, Dobrik cracked a Suicide Forest Joke after entering the Impaulsive studio. The YouTuber/Singer/Boxer wasn’t impressed with what went down.

For what it’s worth, David Dobrik is a good friend of the ex-wife of Logan’s brother, Jake Paul.

Do you find Logan Paul’s new style of vlogs entertaining? How did you react to him mocking David Dobrik? Let us know!