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Tom Holland Surprises Chris Pratt In Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tom Holland surprises his buddy

Chris Pratt was invited to the Jimmy Kimmel show. Everything was going pretty smoothly. The usual laugh here and there. And then started the questioning round with the audience. SURPRISE! Indeed, it’s his mate from the movies. Tom Holland started off by asking Chris Pratt who was his favorite actor. The answer was Denzel Washington. Tom then asked who his favorite ‘Tom’ was. Of course, how could the answer be anything but Tom Cruise?

Therefore he decided to opt for a rather straightforward approach. Who was Chris Pratt’s favorite ‘British Tom?’ The answer is Tom Hardy. Nevertheless, Tom Holland turns out to be a pusher as he asked his dear friend Pratt to go a little younger.

The clever guy replied with the name of his friend from the world of Avengers. Breaking Tom Holland’s heart, he said Tom Hiddleston. Exasperated, Tom Holland asks Jimmy Kimmel, “‘Is Huey Lewis going to be here soon?'” Everyone has a laugh and the two buddies hug it out. Then they get to the usual business of promoting their film Onward.

You can watch the fun episode here:

Tom Holland


The animated movie which is coming out soon is about two brothers Ian (Tom Holland) and Barley Lightfoot (Chris Pratt) in their teens who are elves. The story goes something like this. Their father died when they were young. But the desire to see their father is still within them. So, they set out on a journey to look for magic so that they can spend one last day with their father.