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Lizzo's Strange Outfit At Lakers Game Faces Backlash

Lizzo’s Strange Outfit At Lakers Game Faces Backlash

Lizzo, the amazing American Singer who recently won the first Apple Music Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, is ruling the headlines again. However, this time it is not any of her upcoming songs. Or any award nomination. In fact, it is totally swimming in a different category: Sports. Lizzo attended the LA Lakers Game this Sunday night. Where she confessed of having a crush on Karl-Anthony Towns, but that’s not what made the breaking news from the event. She went over the top with her strange outfit and the internet responded with a backlash.

Lizzo’s Strange Outfit At LA Lakers Game

The LA Lakers were hosting Minnesota Timberwolves when LA Lakers won the game by 142-125. However, not many are talking about the actual game. Well, when Lizzo was sitting courtside, she was definitely going to steal the show. During a break, the Lakers girls were performing on Lizzo’s song Juice. Lizzo joined the party by dancing in the stands. If you have not seen the footage yet, you must be wondering why Lizzo dancing to her own song can drive people crazy. Well, while dancing, she turned around, exposed her thong-ed booty and started twerking.

And guess what, this was all caught on camera and shown on the jumbotron. All the fans at the game could see it, and by fans, we mean kids as well.

Internet Reacts To The Impromptu Booty Exposure

Oh boy! Lizzo has many fans. And by many we really mean mannnnnnny! (Even us). However, this was truly shocking. The internet, especially Twitter, reacted to her twerks with backlash.

(Warning: Language & Lizzo’s booty)

Some people started questioning what could’ve happened if it was a guy instead of Lizzo.

And some even compared her to Rikishi, the professional wrestler.

People were quick to edit the video for fun.

While some were shaming her for her plus size, some people really clarified what the actual issue was.

Though no official action was taken against her, a few people are demanding a lifetime ban on her from Staples Center.

Banning seems a bit extreme though. What are your thoughts on the whole scenario?