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Lizzo Slams TikTok For Body Shaming & Discrimination

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Though the “humorous & creative” app, TikTok, has a detailed set of guidelines when it comes to posting video clips on the network. It can, sometimes, act very differently. Many TikTokers believe that the TikTok Team discriminates when taking actions against certain posted media. For example, recently, a teenaged influencer allegedly assaulted an unconscious girl and posted the clip on his TikTok profile. However, only the clip was removed while the user is still posting random videos on his profile. The details are not known at the moment even when though TikTok viewers are calling out the management. The TikTok team may not respond to them. However, they responded when Lizzo slammed them for discrimination and body shaming.

Lizzo Slams TikTok

She is the star no one should mess with. Lizzo is not scared to speak her mind. Especially, when she feels someone going off the track. Recently, she called out TikTok when she observed that the social app was removing her videos with bathing suits.

TikTok keeps taking down my videos with me in my bathing suits. But allows other videos with girls in bathing suits. I wonder why? TikTok … we need to talk.

There is no doubt that many influencers freely post their bathing suits clad videos on the app. However, Lizzo is facing discrimination that seems like the social app is body-shaming her.

TikTok responds

TikTok has informed The Guardian that Lizzo’s video was initially removed because of some other violations including “sexual gratification”. Due to this, a TikTok moderator took down the video. However, when the app got called out by Lizzo, they contacted her team to discuss the issue. The video was reanalyzed. And brought back to the social app.

We love Lizzo’s creativity,” the spokesperson told The Guardian. “And the videos were originally removed because of other violations, not a bathing suit.

This is not the first time Lizzo is facing issues with an app. Last year, Lizzo terminated her Twitter account because of internet trolls and bullying. However, she has not responded to TikTok’s statement yet.

In fact, many celebrities are calling out social media apps for unfairly censoring women’s bodies. Will social applications modify their rules and community guidelines? Only time can tell.

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