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Lizzo teaches self-love with sexy black lingerie & fans loves it

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Lizzo has always been a spokesperson for people facing bodyshaming. She has slammed the body shamers multiple times. Moreover, she never fails to make a statement when it comes to attending huge events. The time when she faced backlash at Lakers game by wearing a strange outfit did not stop her as well. She is a queen, and now Lizzo is teaching self-love to people facing self-hatred, like herself, in coronavirus quarantine.

Lizzo, lingerie, self-love and quarantine

Just like other quarantines people, Lizzo is quite bored staying inside her home. However, the loneliness was leading to self-hatred and that alarmed her. Lizzo recently shared a thought-provoking and motivating post on her Instagram handle. But surprisingly, the small video clip to go with the message shows Lizzo in a sexy black lingerie, checking herself out.

It’s been a long ass day 😫 🍑🤎 focus on a body part u don’t like about yourself and show it some love today. This quarantine has a lot of people suffering from mental health issues because we can’t get out and do our normal coping/self care routines…. self hatred was starting to creep up on me but I gotta remember I’m 110% that bitch 💁🏾‍♀️ love you!

Lizzo preaches to focus on a body part you do not like about yourself, and show it some love. She said it while checking her ass.


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Fans react to the message

Many fans have reacted to the positive message spread by Lizzo. Someone said: “I usually don’t respond to the negative comments that I read under someone’s post. However, today’s the day!… Why is it always assumed that all women over a certain weight are unhealthy??? At my heaviest of 300lbs., I did not and do not have health issues related to weight. Although, some friends of mine who are considered slim, unfortunately suffer with hypertension, high cholesterol or triglycerides, diabetes etc. Being heavier does not necessarily mean unhealthier!!! I’m sure if she wants to, she could ask a PROFESSIONAL. Not someone body shaming in her comments… Have a good day all!
Another fan added: “This message is amazing. Never once did Lizzo say you need to be thin or you need to be heavy. She said LOVE yourself. That is always a good statement weather you’re trying the lose weight, trying to gain weight, or happy with your size. Loving yourself is always more healthy than self loathing.

While there are still body shamers commenting on her post, others all calling out these people for their double standards and inappropriate messages.

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