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Lew Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy on the ‘iPhone Soap Scam’

Host and producer (Lew Hilsenteger) of YouTube’s Unbox Therapy and Lew Later, recently gave away a new iPhone 11 to a Michigan couple who were scammed with 2 bars of soap instead of an iPhone.

Who is Lew Hilsenteger and what is Unbox Therapy about?

Unbox Therapy is the most viewed tech YouTube channel. The Lew produced channel has a subscriber count of 15 million+ and view count of over 3 billion.

The tech guru uploaded a video back in 2016, which is recognized for launching Apple Bendgate controversy that saw iPhone 6 Plus accidentally bending while in users’ pockets.

The immense popularity of Unbox Therapy resulted in Lew Hilsenteger launching two more channels, Lew Later and Later Clips, that sees the host going-in deep on the latest tech news.

Why did Lew give-away a new iPhone 11 pro?

The controversy sees a Michigan couple who got in touch with a seller online. What seemed like a normal transaction, turned out be a scam. The husband, Greenarch told Fox about affiliate WJBK about the incident:
“When I first saw it, it was shiny, wrapped in plastic like they had taken their time. As soon as I went to open it they took off. I was more angry with myself that I let it happen.”

On opening the package (what seems like an iPhone box from the picture), the couple found out that there two bars of soap inside and nothing else.

What really struck Lew Hilsenteger was that the Greenarch and his wife saved those $450 for six months to get their 14 year old daughter a new iPhone.

Moved by the incident, Lew decided to give away a new iPhone 11 pro to the affected family.According to Lewis, his viewers connected the dots and with help of a local detective, the creator of Unbox Therapy and Lew Later, finally got his hands on the original iPhone box with soap. Upon receiving the package, Lew gave away the latest Apple phone to the family.