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Kevin Jonas Talks About His Family In “Chasing Happiness” Documentary

Amazon Prime Video is all set for the worldwide premiere of Chasing Happiness, Tuesday, June 3. The documentary film about the newly reunited Jonas Brothers will bring the brothers’ lives from the screen starting from their early days of struggle.  The Jonas Brothers are gearing up for their first musical outing “Happiness Begins Tour”. Hence, the documentary film, which airs before the tour, will serve as a definite promotional gig ahead of the ambit. Amazon Prime Video has already teased some never-seen-before screencaps from the Brothers’ lives, with a few primarily featuring Kevin Jonas and his life between his music careers. Joe, Nick Jonas, Sucker Jonas Brothers, Happiness Begins Tour

Kevin Jonas To Perform For The First Time Before His Children

Jonas is evidently ecstatic about his Happiness Begins Tour. The singer and songwriter, who identifies himself primarily as a father, has never performed before his kids on stage. In the Chasing Happiness documentary, Kevin elaborates that his daughters know him as their dad. And Kevin wants to shift their lens to the side of the spectrum which was once great.

Kevin Jonas Speaks About Marriage, Dating, And Family

In some exclusive clips on Amazon, The oldest of the crew, Paul Kevin Jonas II, discusses the personal impact of his breakthrough as a pop-artist, and of the hiatus between his musical ventures. Kevin Jonas describes that he wasn’t able to attract girls at school until Disney publicized his band. With their second commercially successful studio album, life changed for the Jonas Brothers, who had found common ground in music. While his band was still in its platinum days, Kevin met with his future wife Daniella, who was a hairdresser at that time, while both of their families were vacationing in the Bahamas. The two fell in love and tied the knot two years later.  Joe, Nick Jonas, Sucker Jonas Brothers, Happiness Begins Tour

Although commercially successful, and economically viable, the Jonas Brothers had to split in 2013. The split had occurred mostly out of creative differences, and it forced Kevin to take up entrepreneurship as a means of living. Kevin opened a construction company called Jonas Werner, and simultaneously, also became the co-CEO of The Blu Market Company.

Kevin Jonas Talks About His Marriage To Daniella

Much like her husband, Daniella too returned to screen space as she starred in the Jonas Brothers’ recent single, Sucker. Kevin and Daniella had done a show on E! together, Married to Jonas. After the show ended, Daniella too turned to business, launching her jewelry line ‘Moments’ in 2018.  Joe, Nick Jonas, Sucker Jonas Brothers, Happiness Begins Tour

Talking about his marriage, Kevin Jonas says that the institution is helping him grow as a person each day. When Kevin is not a father, he is a husband, he is a man of his own, passionate about his work and relationships.

The Jonas Brothers will release their new album ‘Happiness Begins’ June, 7th. The band’s fifth studio album will also involve a tour set to begin from August 7th and will run for 40 shows.