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People Making Memes On Huawei Google Ban

Almost all Huawei phone users have perhaps a great deal of satisfaction using both their low-end and high-end phones. Their phones vary in terms of their features like internal memory, micro SD, memory, and camera quality.

Most Huawei phones carry a screen that is both good and crisp, Plus, it has a fingerprint reader that the majority of users have found to be superb. The phones claim to be of great value, with models serving categories catering very general demands to niche markets, depending on consumer needs.

However, bad news waited for Huawei around the corner

The 5-G race has put up potentially full damage on one of China’s fastest-growing tech houses, Huawei. After Trump’s ban on Huawei, American companies will not be able to provide the Chinese giant with the services that were at the core of the design of their products, impacting Huawei in a very negative way.

Access to the non-open-sourced version of Android may not remain a possibility for the phones. In fact, the phone may possibly lose its access to the latest chip architectures in Google-operated smartphones, including Google’s app store.

While the company is expected to suffer losses owing to the ban in place, Twitter has gone downhill due to the memes online.

Twitterati has marked this very event in the world of tech by contributing its share in terms of meme literature. The memes are not just creative, they’re downright hilarious for anyone aware of the latest ramblings of the tech world.

Back to stoneage?


Oh, don’t you look away now..

Google and Huawei parting ways

The Pikachu Meme and Huawei users

When someone steals your H-phone

Huawei to hell

Huawei – A tragedy?

Officially, the ban was put into practice due to issues of surveillance. While the U.S. government did not want the privacy of American phone users at the risk, other reasons could include trade wars. There’s definitely more to just Huawei dealing with the production of phones used all over the world.

Future Of The Big Tech House After Google Ban

Being one of the largest tech houses in China, the company had also set its eyes on the development of 5-G. It’s the next big thing in terms of broadband connection. 5-G will not only make the already existing 4-G faster but will be followed by 5-G-only networks and devices specifically catering to the 5-G service.

With faster network speeds, it will open doors in technology that haven’t been before. The other big competitor in this race for 5-G is the US, which is expected to see an increase of $US 500 billion in GDP and 3 billion jobs.