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Kanye West shares awkward kisscam moment with Kim Kardashian

We all have seen our fair share of romantic and heartbreaking kiss cams. But I bet you haven’t seen a more awkward kiss cam in 2020 than this one. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian attended the NBA All-Star Game in Kanye’s hometown, Chicago.

Awkward kiss-cam moment

It all happened when the celebrity couple was sitting courtside at the United Center. When Kardashian popped up on the jumbotron, she blew a kiss to the crowd full chic-style. However, when the cam moved over to the husband, Kanye, he was seemingly unaware of what was happening. As Kim leaned in for a kiss, Kanye was still utterly oblivious to what was happening. It wasn’t until the camera zoomed out and Kanye saw her on the jumbotron that he also leaned in.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West’s public relationship

This awkward kiss-cam certainly brought a lot of quirky remarks on Kanye West. It seems as if the star is always hesitant in public displays of affection. This has happened one too many times now. Kanye always acts awkward with his wife in the public and everyone is starting to pay attention. Earlier, he had walked out of an elevator when he saw the paparazzi, leaving Kim scrambling for her shopping bags as the elevator closed.

However, fans are also quick to defend West, claiming he simply didn’t understand what Kardashian was trying to do. And of course, you shouldn’t read too much into this. It’s clear Kanye wasn’t aware Kim was trying to kiss him. If he was, things probably would’ve panned out differently. Nevertheless, Twitter is going absolutely crazy over the power couple’s awkward kiss cam.

“I don’t think he was paying attention lol y’all make something out of anything,” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “I feel like they truly love each other; he just doesn’t like to show his affection in person.” It seems as if there is always another Kardashian moment on the horizon.