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Lia Marie Johnson Releases New Song With Ryan Bowers

Lia Marie Johnson Releases New Song With Ryan Bowers

Young social media celebrity Lia Marie Johnson has just released a new song called ‘Up All Night.’ What’s even better? She created it with and also features her new boyfriend Ryan Bowers. You may be wondering who this new guy is and what this song is about. We have all the details and inside scoop. Keep reading for more.

Who is Ryan Bowers?

On January 21st, Lia Marie Johnson introduced her new boyfriend on Instagram Live. Ryan Bowers is a rapper signed by Nick Cannon. They shared that he and Lia had just met 24 hours ago. And he was soon referred to as “new boyfriend”, “musical soulmate.”

Ryan Bowers first statement on the video was:

“I’m Lia’s new boyfriend. Hate on me.

After which he realized that 1500 people were watching the live video. Then Lia reaffirmed his statement by saying:

That’s because I’m an insane [person]. That’s cos people see an insane person, and they’re like, “let me just check on this insane person who’s constantly insane”

When people started telling Lia to be safe and “figure out” herself before dating new people, she simply gave them a shut-up call.

Mind your motherf**king business.”

Ryan soon followed with the same statement:

Mind your motherf**king beeswax.

They also shared that they’re currently writing a new song together.

Lia Marie Johnson new song

Well, this new song is now out. And yes it is a collaboration by Lia Marie Johnson with new boyfriend Ryan Bowers.

Lia has been writing and singing since late 2007. She has also been signed with record label called Capitol Records. One of her most popular songs is debut single DNA which crossed over 29 million Spotify streams.

In this song called ‘Up All Night’ her vocals are spot-on. It is an established fact that Lia is a very talented singer. The song also has a very catchy chorus and beats. And it has a pinch of rap by Ryan Bowers to complete it.

It’s a must-listen song you surely would love to jam to. It is great to see Lia Marie Johnson working and recording now. We truly hope to see shine up to her potential.