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Julia Rose talks about Jake Paul & Harry Jowsey on Impaulsive

Then, after a couple of days, Julia and Harry were spotted on a lunch date. They even shared a kiss that The Hollywood Fix captured. On the same day, the Paparazzi got a hold of Harry and asked him about this new girl in his life. However, Harry didn’t mention the name of the girl. But he said he plans to take his mystery girlfriend (Julia) to Las Vegas.

And when they landed back in L.A., Julia was seen in Jake’s Instagram stories instead of Harry’s, which confused a lot of fans who were shipping Julia and Harry together. Both Harry and Jake have shared their side of the story. And a couple of hours ago, Julia appeared on the Impaulsive podcast and also shared her side of the story.

Julia Rose clarifies the marriage proposal thing with Harry Jowsey

The naughty Impaulsive boys were giving Julia a tough time by asking questions such as whether she was really dating Harry Jowsey or not. Though Julia tried her best to explain the whole situation in detail.

She mentions that she didn’t date anyone after parting ways with Jake. Julia obviously had to move on. And then she invited Harry on her podcast, and everything was super platonic then. They didn’t know anything about each other. And right after two weeks of the podcast, Harry slid into her DMs.

“It was super fast. I mean you know Harry, even on my podcast he was wanting love. He was very adamant about ‘I want love’.”

Julia Rose also shared that she saw many red flags popping up when she started seeing Harry. For example, the Paparazzi who caught their smooch during brunch seemed to be planned. And when Logan asked her about the marriage proposal, she said she didn’t severely propose to Harry.

But she might have said a few things she shouldn’t have said during a drunk phase. Julia Rose also shared that she texted Harry right after reconnecting with Jake.

“We are not going to be seeing each other. It is what it is. No hard feelings.”

Uhh, so I guess it’s safe to say that Julia is really straightforward.

Julia Rose talks about her feelings for Jake Paul.

So we just talked about how Julia and Jake actually got back together. And now we have to know if these two knew each other before the shooting of Jake’s song ‘These Days’.

“Me and Jake never met before the music video. There was a very specific moment where we sat fully clothed. And it was the first time he sat with me without a camera. We just kind of had a 15-minute conversation.”

Julia mentioned that she and Jake had a 15-minute conversation. And in those 15 minutes, she got to see his natural side. Like the side, we hardly see in his vlogs or interviews.

Logan also asked Julia about how she managed to be with Jake during complex and controversial times. She shares that her relationship with Jake was very private in the beginning. So most of the things didn’t bother her at all.

“People are all going to make mistakes. I think my mom really taught me that how to just accept other people for their mistakes and not hold them accountable. So when it came down to Jake having a giant platform, your mistakes are going to be highlighted.”

Moreover, Julia also mentioned that her relationship with Jake got strained for many reasons. Hence, they both parted ways with a mutual understanding. But now, as they are back together, the guys asked Julia about her relationship status with Jake.

“I fuc*ing adore Jake. And he is genuinely what makes me happy. He is genuinely my best friend. He is the person I can make pasta with at 3 a.m and stay awake till 5 a.m laughing with.”

Julia further mentions that she knows Jake is now dating the ‘fight.’ And she won’t do anything to jeopardize his fight or his career.

The guys really enjoyed today’s podcast with the unique and talented guest Julia. And now we cannot wait to see Jake’s podcast with the boys because he is going to share many things about his and Julia’s relationship.