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Kylie Jenner Called Out For Promoting Brand In Kendall’s Birthday Wish On Election Day

This is really not the year for the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Receiving backlash this fine day is the youngest member of the clan, Kylie Jenner.

While the Presidential Elections in the United States of America are in full swing, Kylie Jenner is busy promoting her brand. And that too in a wish for her sister, Kendall Jenner.

On November 3rd, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul shared a sexy snap of her and Kendall to announce a restock of the Kendall Collection. She captioned the post, Happy birthday sister 1f5a4 Kylie The Kendall Collection restocks tomorrow at 9am pst for the LAST TIME including signed PR kits!”

However, fans were not as excited about the news as she was hoping they would be. In fact, fans were furious that she was posting about such a thing when the entire country was anxious and stressed about the elections.

“Girl this ain’t the time to be promoting your brand,” one follower commented in the comments section of her post. “We’ve got bigger things to think about rn sweaty,” another said.

“Kylie, there is an election going on,” wrote one follower. “I think this could’ve waited?”

“There is an election CURRENTLY unfolding and you choose to post a thirst trap for Kendall’s bday,” another comment said. “On brand babe.”

There were many comments bashing and criticizing Kylie for not being able to “read the room.”