Jake Paul Is Seeing Real Sky Bri After Break Up With Julia Rose

Oh well!! I don’t even know where I should start. Because by now I have literally lost count of The Problematic Child Jake Paul’s break-ups and patch-ups with the adult content creator and CEO of the SHAGMAG, Julia Rose. But I would love to shed some light on his recent breakup with Julia Rose. Everything was going fine between these two love birds. Jake even posted a vacation photo dump on his Instagram account on February 1st. And then Jake’s Tweet took the internet by storm when he posted, “Alexa, play I’m Single’ by Jake Paul”.

Per PageSix, some sources shared that Jake feels shattered after the break-up.

One of the sources also shared that Jake has moved on from the adult content creator. However, she is “still in his heart because she was the one”.

Moreover, Julia Rose even changed her Instagram handle from Julia Rose Paul to Julia Rose For President. Uhh well!! So, the pregnancy news was just a publicity stunt to gain attention?  

The source further shared:

“He (Jake) would like to get back together with her (Julia) and maybe they will, but they both need to slow down their lives.”

We all know Jake is keeping a low profile. But Julia, on the other hand, is very active on her Instagram account. She is partying with her girlfriends in Tulum.

Jake Paul Is Seeing Reaslskybri

Though me and millions of other fans were thinking that Jake might be feeling sad and thinking about his ex-girlfriend Julia Rose. But we were all unaware of the fact that Jake Paul has officially moved on from her. A source named Hannah Francis shared with us an Instagram story of a girl.

Umm well!! All people deal with breakups in different ways. And Jake is doing the same. He just went on vacation with this girl named RealSkyBri also known as Sky Bri. Now before we go any further, I would love to give you all a little scoop on Sky Bri. She is an adult content creator on OnlyF*ns and a model.

As you can see, Real Sky Bri’s close friend Richelle Knupps aka Rara Knupps shared this picture on her Instagram story. Later, Sky Bri posted it on her Instagram. Richelle also wrote on the picture, “long week with my babies”. This means Jake and Sky have been together for a couple of days. And now the vacation is over as Sky Bri shared on her Instagram story that she has safely landed in Los Angeles, California.

Jake Paul's New Fling Real Sky Bri Plane Photo

It seems like Bri is pretty open about her relationship with Jake Paul. Let’s see if Jake is going to do the same. Jake’s ex-girlfriend Julia Rose is also partying with her friends in Tulum. Is it because she wants to make her ex-boyfriend jealous or she also moved on from him?

We’ll keep you posted!

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