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Shane Dawson Spills Details of Jeffree Star Series With Clevver

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Shane Dawson hasn’t been active on Youtube for quite a while now but he recently gave an interview to Clevver news. He spilled some major details about his life. Everything from his upcoming wedding with Ryland Adams to his new series with Jeffree Star.

Interview Was Part of Clevver News’ Rumour Patrol

The interview was part of the Rumour Patrol segment and was conducted by Emile Enis Jr. The Rumour Patrol segment basically is Emile Enis Jr. asking the celebrity to confirm or deny internet rumors about themselves. Though Emile let the interview flow out naturally and it was not restrictive.

Here’s what Emile found out about Shane Dawson’s new series with Jeffree Star.

How This Series With Star Impacted Shane’s Life

When asked about the friendship he shares with Jeffree Star, this is what Shane had to say:

I was really scared of him back in the MySpace days. The pink hair, everything. Then we did a video with him and I don’t know, we kind of connected on a lot of – like we’ve been through a lot, depression, crazy childhood and stuff. But the last year specefically – because we’ve been working this whole year –  he’s really helped me come out of my shell more, be more confident, leave my house a little bit more,

Moreover, Shane Dawson expressed how getting into makeup helped him cope with his mental health issues:

This whole makeup stuff has made me like – it’s given me a new outlet for my stress and anxiety and stuff. He has changed my life in like a lot of ways and I think God or the universe or whatever definitely made that happen

Details on the Series Itself

It was revealed in the interview that ‘Ugly Side of the Beauty World’ is not the name of the series. Though, it is the name of one of the episodes in the series. Dawson shares that he was just playing with the name and wanted to see the reaction of people. Though, the reaction wasn’t a positive one so it wasn’t picked for the whole series. Rather, it was for just an episode.

We did, however, know what the episode titled ‘Ugly Side of the Beauty World’ would probably entail. The YouTuber explained that he and his editor Andrew Siwicki ended up making a whole conspiracy video during the 7-8 months of shooting the Jeffree Star series. Dawson wasn’t a big fan of the video at the time so he decided to can it for a while. However, since it had beauty elements in it, Shane Dawson decided to put it into the series with Jeffree Star.

When this interview came out, it was August 21st. Shane Dawson stated that he was still editing the footage for the series. Apparently, he and Andrew are working 12 hours each day just editing.

What Shane Feels About the Series

The Youtube also claimed that he has never been more excited about anything more in his career life than what he is doing with Jeffre Star. While he was initially scared, now he just feels ready and prepared.

it’s very scary for me. It’s a nightmare. I’m excited

The Youtuber also reminisced of old times when he used to dress up as different characters such as Shananay. He was always interested in the makeup world. Hence, he’s really happy to dive into that world with no fear of judgment.

Moreover, this is what he hopes for when the series with Jeffree Star comes out:

So by the time the series comes out, my hope is that people, you know, actually take me seriously

He doesn’t want people to think he’s being inauthentic.

Jeffree Star Series Release Date

Shane Dawson states that he absolutely needs to get something out by early October. So, it seems like we only have less than a month before we finally get to see the much-anticipated series.

You can watch the entire interview here.

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