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All of Jeffree Star Feuds With Different Celebrities

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The beauty community of YouTube is filled with makeup moguls beefing against one another. But seems like Jeffree Star will always remain the king of feuds there. Star, widely known as the liquid lipstick genius owns the very popular makeup brand Jeffree Star CosmeticsWhile many people were not aware with who Star really is, Shane Dawson’s series on him received much appreciation. The YouTuber filmed the real personality of Jeffree, and everything in his empire. Over the years, we have seen the beauty guru introduce new products, collaborate with brands like Morphe, and most importantly, pick out quite a few enemies.

All the Jeffree Star Feuds Over the Many Years…

While in no particular order, here are all the celebrity feuds that Jeffree Star might have picked for himself in so many years.

Jeffree Star and Kat Von D

Star and Kat Von D were longtime best friends until 2016 when the latter cut all ties claiming that Star was a racist bully and drug addict. The next day, Star came up with his side of the story claiming that he never actually got her support in his makeup line. In fact, he claimed that she had stabbed him, and he woke up imagining that this would happen every day. Later, at the end of last year, Jeffree Star destroyed the Kat Von D makeup in a YouTube video with James Charles. 

Jeffree Star and Kylie Jenner

This year earlier, Jeffree Star went after Kylie Jenner and her skincare line when he reviewed it with Shane Dawson. The mogul claimed that the line was ‘too basic’. But that’s not how simple he kept it. He claimed he would use her wipes for his dog, and that Kylie remained unbothered by his opinion because she was too busy in her 7 houses. But that’s definitely not the first time he went for her. Star has initiated a feud with Kylie several times beginning in 2016 when he reviewed her makeup line. He even told her fans that were overpaying simply for a hyped celebrity name. When Kylie became the Forbes youngest billionaire, he claimed that she got it only after he rejected it. So, seems like Star will never let Kylie rest!

Jeffree Star Against Laura Lee and Manny MUA

Back in 2017, a few of Jeffree Star’s racist comments emerged and the beauty mogul apologized for it. But makeup artists like Laura Lee, Manny MUA, Gabriel Zamora, and Nikita Dragun got involved. Gabriel uploaded a picture of all four of them, captioning it saying that the bitch was bitter because they were doing better without him.

Naturally, everybody picked up the hint that it was referring to Star. But the feud ignited in full strength when Jeffree Star followers dug up racist tweets from Laura Lee, Manny MUA and others causing a bigger controversy.

Jeffree Star and James Charles

The Jeffree Star and James Charles feud might have come as the biggest shock of the year. Previously, the two remained close friends, even working together and destroying makeup they disliked together. But things took a turn when Charles went into a scandal with friend Tati Westbrook. Westbrook accused Charles of misusing their friendship, and lying and betraying publicly severing all ties with him. Star weighed in cutting all ties with Charles too, slamming his former friend. In fact, Jeffree even removed the Sisters Apparel collection from his business website.

Jeffree Star and Huda Kattan

Back in 2018, when Huda Kattan introduced her baking powders for her makeup line Huda Beauty, Jeffree Star called her out claiming that the idea was stolen. He said that this came from a small company Beauty Bakerie. When Huda responded to it, Star got more infuriated labeling her as a thief, and adding in that she had issues with people of color and the LGBT group. He continued calling her an embarrassment and poison to the beauty community because her idea was copied from a widow and a cancer survivor.

Jeffree Star and Lady Gaga

Probably Jeffree Star’s latest feud is when he attacked Lady Gaga and her latest makeup line Haus Laboratories claiming that fans had to wait a lot for it. He claimed that people were asking him to review it, but how could he when there was such a long delivery time. But he soon got attacked by Gaga’s fans who immediately came for Jeffree Star. Star was forced to upload his message on Snapchat claiming that he had nothing against her, but was just providing opinion.

Jeffree Star Against Nikkie Tutorials

In 2018, when Nikki Tutorials collaborated with Too Faced for a palette, Star was not impressed by the product’s quality. He even threatened that he would expose their contract. But consequently, Star announced that he was no longer friends with Nikkie. In a statement summarizing the feud, he claimed that,

Everything nowadays calls everything ‘shady’ when it comes to honesty. Her and I are no longer friends. You can confirm that. But I still respect her hustle, and I watched first-hand how they abused her and know how much she got paid. It’s embarrassing. I think anyone else BUT me would be scared to mention the contract.

He added that the palette was not good because she approved something else, and the result was completely different.

That might be all of the popular Jeffree Star feuds with notable celebrities. But the mogul recently claimed that he was done with all this and would stay out of drama. Since that was before the Lady Gaga shade, we believe Jeffree has no such intentions!

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