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James Charles Collab with Doja Cat is Iconic!

James Charles Collab with Doja Cat is Iconic!

I think James Charles deserves an award for doing the best collaborations in the beauty community. We have seen a lot of members from the beauty community doing collabs with all sorts of content creators. But James Charles has truly won the race.  And some of his best collaborations are with Kylie Jenner, Ke$ha, The Sway House members, Iggy Azalea and many more.

My excitement level is touching the sky. Because James Charles just posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he has collaborated with the queen of hit songs ‘Doja Cat’. I don’t know about you guys but I have made a couple of TikTok videos on ‘Say So’ and ‘Like That’. Because Doja’s voice has that magnetic song appeal which makes you to do all those crazy dance moves.

Let’s See What James Charles & Doja Cat’s Collaboration Is All About

I was a huge fan of Doja Cat before watching this makeup collab video. But now I am like ‘Girl, you have made me fall in love with your personality’.

James starts off the video with:

“As you guys can see today I am joined with a very very special guest ‘Doja Cat’.  I am like your number one biggest fan. And this is the collab that I have been wanting to happen so badly.”

Meanwhile, James starts applying primer on Doja’s face and asks her if she wanted to be a makeup guru at the age of 14. To which Doja replies:

“I really did. So I went to my mom’s room. I brought my whole desktop computer. I brought it into my mom’s room. And I would sit it down at a perfect angle for there to be a toilet in the background. So I would be on the floor and then I would try to do a vampire look”.

She thought she did a pretty good job but makeup was not her thing. Though she was very good at drawing and stuff like that. We all know how difficult it is to sit in front of a camera for hours and record makeup tutorials. I too wanted to make a beauty channel. And trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks!

James and Doja

Anyways, James gave Doja a full-on glam makeover with cut crease eye look in tones of brown, gold, black, and red. And you just cannot avoid looking at Manny Mua’s comment. Because friends who support each other, grow stronger together.

Doja’s & James First Ever Meetup

First-time meetups can get super awkward at times. But I guess these two were really lucky. Doja recalls the first time they met:

“It started at Coachella. We were taking pictures, whatever. It was cute. I saw you and I was like Oh My God I know who that is. I know that hair. I know that face. Then I was like to my manager, ‘Oh my God, that’s James Charles’.”

So the ‘Say So’ singer introduced herself to James in a very cute way. And later they became very good friends. Doja was a big fan of James and now the young beauty mogul feels the same about her.

They even talked about how a girl named Yodeling Haley who made the video on Doja’s song ‘Say So’. Which is also one of the super hit dance songs on TikTok. And that’s also how Doja Cat got famous among the TikTok community and the rest of the world. This song was actually a big break for Doja.

I guess Doja and James are the friends which we all badly need in our lives. And I totally love the makeup collab. If you guys still haven’t watched the video then please go and watch it. (hehe)