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Jaclyn Hill Slams People For Calling Her Father A Cult Leader

It’s like one of those things that shake you from head to toe and you have the sudden urge to spill the beans with someone. There might be a lot of people who won’t genuinely care about this. But we need to at least get some weight off from our shoulders…right? Well, turns out Jaclyn Hill’s lucky stars have taken a trip to Jupiter. In fact, it seems like Jaclyn is having a pretty tough time lately.

Jaclyn Hill’s 2020 So Far

She recently apologized to her fans through a tweet (3rd March) explaining how sorry she is for Morphe changing the formula of her original collab palette. And then, right after two days ( 5th March), Jaclyn Hill slammed the rumors about her father being a cult leader and how people are taking a dig at it on social media.

A YouTube channel, known as Creepshow Art, recently posted a video and a Tweet. The woman who runs the channel tweeted:

Yes, Guys!! You heard it right. This YouTuber just called Jaclyn’s dad a cult leader.

1. She talks about Jaclyn’s father, James Eilers, the LinkedIn account where he mentions his field of work as “GOD”.

2. She talks about the fact that there isn’t any image. His page appears to be inactive. So, she is in doubt if his LinkedIn profile is actually legitimate.

3. She further talks about his website “Jim Ellis org”, where he talks about how he is God.

4. She talks about how James has cured people throughout the years.

Jaclyn Slams People For Calling Her Father A Cult Leader

The testimonials, available on the website mentioned by the YouTuber, claim how Jaclyn’s father has healed people.

However, Jaclyn Hill is not staying silent on this one. She clapped back at the YouTuber through a tweet:

So there are some things in your life which you just want to let go and then there are things in your life which immediately set on the fire alarms. Jaclyn wants her followers to mind their own business and stop digging into her personal life.

The YouTuber is making accusations about Jaclyn Hill’s birth father. What do you guys think? Is she doing it just for clout? Whatever he does, Jaclyn Hill is not in contact with him for the last 10 years. And this does feel like someone is trying to bring her career down.