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Jacksepticeye calls out fans for being 'fake'

Jacksepticeye calls out fans for being ‘fake’

Sean William McLoughlin would be a name among the more real YouTubers today. Over the years, while many have changed according to their livelihood conditions, he is still the same. More commonly, people know him as Jacksepticeye. He is a 30-year-old gem of a YouTuber who you may recognize from his comedic Let’s Play series. We know he is not one to hold back on a jolly old joke. Recently, his Twitter hit a whole 6 million followers. And Sean is very excited about it. However, he wants to know why his tweets do not get 6 million likes and retweets.

He adds the ‘love you’ at the end to show his fans he is just kidding. Jacksepticeye’s fans understand his sense of humor well as they pile on.

Jacksepticeye Calls Out Fans For Being Fake

He probably has one of the nicest fan bases. Well, he has his fun with them so it is just probably more interactive.

Jacksepticeye also releases a new coffee brand!

YouTuber Jacksepticeye is all for drinking coffee in the morning. I mean, who can start a day without a good coffee? They don’t just say bad coffee is the start of a bad day for nothing. His coffee brand, Top Of The Morning Coffee went live on the 15th of June and every second on the website has been crazy since.

In a tweet, Sean mentions that there is the ulterior motive of feeding the poor with this brand. Jacksepticeye says that with every purchase, one meal goes out to a hungry family. 

There is also going to be a charitable element to this company. We are providing meals for people in need with every order placed.

You can place your order now on Top of the Morning’s official website. There were some stock issues due to the COVID-19 wave however, Sean says it is getting sorted as we go.