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Huda Kattan steps down as the CEO of Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan steps down as the CEO of Huda Beauty

You guys obviously don’t need an introduction to Huda Kuttan, the CEO of  ‘Huda Beauty’. Some of you might not know this but Huda launched her Youtube channel back in 2007. But she didn’t post anything on it and the channel remained empty for a couple of years. Huda launched her makeup brand ‘Huda Beauty’ back in 2013 along with her sisters. And she posted her first video on ‘How to Remove Acne Scars‘ in 2014. And she is also running a very popular blog as well. Now let’s fast forward everything to the year 2020. I don’t know if you guys have noticed this thing or not. But Huda was not posting anything on her Youtube channel for a few months. But she was staying active on her blog, Instagram, and Snapchat. Now she is back on her channel for the good. And she has also shared in her latest Youtube video that she is passing the crown of CEO of Huda Beauty to Nathalie Kristo. Who also happens to be the president of Huda Beauty’s North American region.

The actual reason behind Huda Kattan leaving the crown of the CEO of Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan just shared a video on her YouTube which is titled ‘Why I’m no longer CEO of Huda Beauty’. She also mentioned that she has been wanting to take this step for a very long time. But then everything went on hold because of the ongoing pandemic.

Which made her wonder why is she actually in the beauty industry. So she took her time and made this decision that she no longer wants to be the CEO of her makeup brand Huda Beauty.

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“I wasn’t really sure the best way to share this news with you guys. But I want you guys to hear this from me. I have decided to appoint a new CEO for Huda Beauty. Her name is Nathalie Kristo.”

Hude further shared her journey from working in a recruitment company to launching her own makeup brand. She lost her first job back in 2009 because of the recession. So Huda’s sister pushed her into starting her makeup journey and her parents also supported her throughout.

“So I studied makeup. Then I came back to Dubai. And so much happened after that. I started a blog. I got pregnant. I launched a beauty brand.”

Huda further added that people started calling her out for running a blog for free. She was not really making any money out of it. But she loved sharing her beauty secrets with her community.

“My sister Mona actually came to me. She was like I am getting calls, people are stopping me in the streets. And asking me where you’re getting the lashes that you were making.”

So now we all know who forced Huda to launch the very famous Huda Lashes. And then her husband pushed her into starting her own business.

What’s the role of Huda Kattan in the company if she is not the CEO?

So Huda decided to hand over the role of CEO to Nathalie back in 2018. Which got delayed because of a couple of reasons. But now she has finally handed the crown to Nathalie for good.

Some people might be wondering what is Huda’s role in the company if she is not the CEO anymore. Guys, she is still the founder and the chairwoman of Huda Beauty.

First of all, I told you I never wanted to be the CEO in the first place. But I can actually do what I meant to do in the company. Now I want to be more connected to our community. I want to make sure that I can give you guys better content and more deep connection to whom I am and why the brand exists.

That’s it for today guys. Let us know what you think about this sudden change?