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J.Lo & Maluma's collab for Pa Ti and Lonely is fire

J.Lo & Maluma’s collab for Pa Ti and Lonely is fire

This year 2020 is surely dropping some cool as sh*t collaborations. And two of our favorite singers who happen to be none other than the very gorgeous J.Lo and sizzling hot Maluma collab for a double treat. And this double treat is not only these two beautiful singers collaborating with each other. But also because they have given us not only one but two song videos which are linked with each other. The first song is ‘Pa Ti’ which is in Spanish and it means ‘For You’. And the second song is ‘Lonely’.  Both the songs are co-written by J.Lo and Maluma and the videos are directed by none other than Jessy Terrero. And there is also a twist which is going to turn this double treat into a triple one. Both ‘Pa ti’ and ‘Lonely’ will be featured in J.Lo and Maluma’s upcoming movie ‘Marry Me’.

What is J.Lo and Maluma’s ‘Pa ti’ and ‘Lonely’ all about?

So in the two parted collaboration, J.Lo is playing the role of a corrupted billionaire. Whereas Maluma is playing the role of her bodyguard and lover as an undercover FBI agent.

And I got confused for a second that what is Charli D’Amelio doing at the starting of the video. So basically she is promoting the song on TikTok’s platform.

J.Lo Maluma

J.Lo has reposted Charli and Addison Rae’s dance video on her official TikTok account as well. Anyways, jumping back on Pa ti and Lonely, J.Lo gets arrested while lying next to Maluma in bed. She had no idea that Maluma who happens to be her lover and bodyguard is actually an undercover agent.

Hold your breath and fast forward the video to 3:18. I just screamed at the top of my lungs. J.Lo and Maluma are setting this sofa on fire.

J.Lo gets arrested at the beginning of ‘Lonely’ and finds out about her lover being an FBI agent. And from 6:05 onwards these lovers get into a heated conversation in the investigation room.

And this conversation takes the heat level up a few notches when J.Lo and Maluma start to get in each other’s space.

We are not done with Pa Ti and Lonely

Jump to 6:50 and let your jaws hit the floor. J.Lo surely knows how to set the floor on fire. Thankfully, the video doesn’t have a sad ending. I don’t know how J.Lo managed to get away from the FBI investigation, but she and her lover ended up in Abu Dhabi after two months.

Anyways, everything in both the videos screams money. From J.Lo’s dresses to her diamond jewels, from her top-notch cars to a huge a*s mansion, everything screamed the word ‘billionaire babe’.

J.Lo also shared the teaser of her upcoming comedy film ‘Marry Me’ with Maluma. Which will be released on Valentine’s Day. Let us know your pick from this two-parted song video. I love ‘Lonely’ a little more than ‘Pa Ti’.