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How to Open a Free Bank and Give away free Loans? | MrBeast Edition

How to open a bank for free and give away free loans? Well, it sounds unbelievable but the conceptor (MrBeast) of TeamTrees initiative made this happen in one of his YouTube videos. Jimmy Donaldson decided to put the competitors out of business after a $1 billion loan rejection. The online philanthropist bought his bank and this is what went down.

MrBeast opens a Bank and gives away Free Money


What would you do if you are rejected a loan from the bank? Not much I suppose but things are different in MrBeast’s world. When TeamTrees creator met rejection for a Billion dollars, he decided to buy a bank and give away free loans.

So how did MrBeast open a bank for free? Well, opening a bank is not free and requires loads of money. Let’s just get it out of the way and get back to how the MrBeast pulled this off. MrBeast rented a real bank, grabbed a ton of money, hired all his friends as tellers and bought a billboard. He then instructs the team to run the bank in MrBeast style.

Go give away money!

Chandler lures the customers in with signs saying “free $50” and not so surprisingly, a lot of people showed up. The first free loan of $1000 goes to a 6-year-old and another teenager. The next part is one of my favorites though. MrBeast’s office staff brings in a customer for a free loan of over $4000 and the contents of the application form were hilarious. Chandler just asks one difficult question before handing the client $4321. So what was that question? This…

What is four plus four?

Yes, that’s all you need to answer to get a loan at the YouTube star’s bank. MrBeast also clears up that these aren’t loans.

For clarification, these aren’t actually loans. We’re just legit giving away money and I don’t want it back.

You must be thinking where did all that money come from and who sponsored MrBeast’s video? It was the Angry Birds game. Yes, to keep the bank afloat, Angry Birds sponsored the amazing content.

Why did Angry Birds Sponsor this Video?

MrBeast’s sponsor (Angry Birds Game) teamed up with UNICEF to use the anger to make real-world change. There are 27 million children who don’t go to school because they live in conflict zones and UNICEF has helped 6.9 million children which is insane. MrBeast wants you to be a part of this change and help as many children as you can.

So if you want to support Angry Birds game on their conquest to help other people, download the game from here and play the in-game event. Every pig you break turns into money and channels the anger towards a great cause.