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Eminem Takes to Social Media to Congratulate 50 Cent!

After inducting long-time friend and fellow artist 50 Cent into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Eminem took to Instagram to congratulate him.

A feat to celebrate, indeed! Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson finally received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this past Thursday. He was inducted by none other than the “Rap God” himself, Eminem. It was only a matter of time before the American Rapper/Actor was given the recognition he has always deserved.

Jackson has contributed much to the Entertainment industry over the last two decades. Over this extensive period of time, he has managed to amass millions of fans, and that includes Eminem as well. Yes, that’s right. It turns out that Slim Shady is a fan of 50 cent’s work like we are, and the world-renowned rapper dedicated a congratulatory Instagram post to Jackson.

Eminem’s Ardent Instagram Post

Getting a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the most effective ways to honor one’s work. It basically cements the particular artist’s name in the history books for generations to witness. Eminem, out of all people, understands it. So, when 50 Cent got his long-awaited recognition, the “Godzilla” singer took to Instagram to congratulate his long-time friend. The post read,

Yesterday confirmed what me and @drdre already knew back in ’02!  Congrats to @50cent on his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

50 Cent’s Relationship with the Rap God

While inducting Jackson into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Eminem called the inductee one of his best friends in the world. Eminem and Dr. Dre played a significant role in Jackson’s rise to fame. Jackson himself appreciates the duo’s role in his success and said he wouldn’t have achieved what he has if it wasn’t for the dynamic duo.

Are you a fan of both Eminem’s and 50 Cents’ music? Did you find Marshall Mathers as the right person to induct 50 Cent into the Walk of Fame? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!