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Here’s how Griffin Johnson proposed Dixie D’Amelio to be his girlfriend

Fans have been wanting Griffin Johnson & Dixie D’Amelio to officially start their relationship even before they saw them kiss on Attaway General web-series. Both of them are really close to each other, fans would swooooooon over them whenever they looked at each other during their TikTok collaborations. Moreover, Griffin proudly calls himself a simp for Dixie. Now that cat is out of the bag, thanks to Thomas Petrou of the Hype House, Griffin and Dixie confirmed in a TikTok that they are in a relationship. But that confirmation still felt incomplete to many fans. That’s why Griffin has finally shared a video, officially asking Dixie D’Amelio to be his girlfriend.

Griffin Johnson makes it officially official with Dixie D’Amelio

In his latest YouTube video I Finally Asked Dixie To Be My Girlfriend!, you can tell how uncomfortable Griffin felt talking to the camera. Griffin is not a YouTuber, however, in the video he promised to upload more on his YouTube channel.

Griffin Johnson further confirmed in the video that things got awkward for him when the video of Thomas Petrou confirming their relationship went out on the internet. Till then, he did not know he had to officially ask Dixie to be his girlfriend. Whereas; Dixie D’Amelio wanted Griffin to ask her out properly. And to do that, Griffin had to plan something to surprise her.

So he bought some gifts for her, went out on the date with her and unfortunately we didn’t get to see the date part. But he did take her to the Sway House after the date. The Sway boys take up the role of Paparazzi and ask them if they are dating, and they confirmed it as YES!

@dixiedamelio##duet with @imgriffinjohnson manifestation (read his caption)♬ viDeOgAmElOvErIsCaNcErToMySoUlBy Yuki_Hara_Cosplay – emma234599

A brief background

Moving on, they answer some of the questions Griffin Johnson and Dixie D’Amelio get on their social media. They started dating on June 10th or 11th (allegedly), as per Dixie. They first met in the Hype House. Dixie further confirmed when they first went out, she paid. And Griffin Johnson said:

Babe, you make me sound like shit.

Dixie D’Amelio then narrates the whole story how they have been talking for six months, and throughout the time she was waiting for Griffin to ask her out and Griffin thought he did not need to literally ask her out to make it official.

You must watch the video to figure out how it all went down. Don’t forget to stream Be Happy by Dixie.