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How Ethan Dolan climbed out of his Acne Depression

How Ethan Dolan climbed out of his Acne Depression

AThe highly anticipated Dolan twins video is finally here. The twins were talking about filming a very serious video that features Ethan Dolan’s storyline. Even though many thought and wondered it could be about James Charles or Shane Dawson, it’s about neither. It’s actually related to Ethan’s Dolan acne issues that led him into a state of deep depression. In their new video, Ethan shows a vulnerable side to himself facing his self-confidence issues.

The acne issues led to online bullying for Ethan

Ethan Dolan’s acne was often seen in either his pictures or YouTube videos. That is when people started bullying him relentlessly. In one portion of the video, Ethan Dolan even reads aloud mean comments on his acne face.

He also shared these very comments are what could have triggered him months ago but now he is in a place where it doesn’t bother him.

Ethan Dolan went into a depression because of his acne issues

Ethan had tried different dermatologists and different medications to treat his acne issue. The acne problem was a severe one and it was hard to fix. Ultimately, they ended up using an Accutane as a treatment. It was a very powerful medication that had strong side effects such as depression. He had no other choice but to go on that medication.

Though, because of his acne, he could not film videos for his YouTube channel with twin brother Grayson Dolan. They even mentioned that it was because of Ethan’s acne issues that they had to take a break from filming for three months.

Not being able to film, Ethan got depressed. He could not do anything, he couldn’t make money and he also got addicted to feeling bad about himself. He also started to eat a lot more than usual and would not work out like he used to:

 I started eating like and sitting around getting absolutely no work done I wasn’t making any money. And I had absolutely nothing to feel good about and it was just because I had blemishes on my face. I was hiding for myself too.

How Ethan climbed his way out of the darkness

It was particularly hard for Ethan Dolan to get out of his dark depression but slowly but surely he got out. The twin brother shares that he took baby steps and urged himself to do little things like taking a walk:

There was a lot more that I could do to make myself feel better about myself even just the little things like I could literally go for a walk for two minutes or just go out in public to the grocery store and that would be progress. I think when I began doing those things just the little things it started to feed the part of my brain that thrived off feeling good about myself.

Then, Grayson Dolan also convinced him to take part in rock climbing. That was when he really started to feel a change within himself.

I had a good time so I guess that just proved to myself that you know hey I can do this it’s just gonna take little steps.

Rock climbing became a sort of metaphor for Ethan’s life. He was climbing his way out of his depression and finding more things to feel better about himself. From doing things like drinking good coffee to making the bed, Ethan found his way back to his true self.

He also shares that he started skating a lot more because that was something he enjoyed doing. Ethan Dolan reinvigorated interest in learning new tricks and techniques. Along with that, he also changed his workout ways:

I started calisthenics it stopped weight training a sub running on treadmills because that stuff always bored me and it turned me off to working out so I said I want to make this fun for myself so I started learning how to do calisthenics which was bodyweight movements and just learning how to move in different ways.

Doing the podcast helped a lot until he was finally to come on camera again

Ethan Dolan also shared that he got a chance to connect with the fans again by doing the podcast he does with Grayson Dolan. Even if he couldn’t do it via YouTube, he was being able to do what he loves in a different way:

Definitely recording the podcast I didn’t feel the pressure of having to be in front of the camera yet but I was still able to connect with you guys which I missed so much.

Slowly, Ethan Dolan regained his confidence in himself that he had lost because of his acne. Then he started making videos with Grayson Dolan again. Fortunately, Ethan is doing much better now:

Now we’re at a point where we’re pretty much making more videos than ever now I feel like I’m in the best shape that I’ve ever been physically as well as mentally.

Ethan Dolan is now fully confident in his own skin and wants others to feel the same

Acne issues are something that a lot of people actually go through. Ethan Dolan wanted to showcase his issues to the problem so that they didn’t feel alone in their own personal battles with self-image.


Ethan also used makeup to help with his looks

He also talked about how he learned it was okay to put makeup on to hide some blemishes on his face. Ethan Dolan thinks that toxic masculinity should not stop a guy from using makeup in order to feel confident as a man:

I realized that wearing makeup didn’t make me less manly if anything it probably made me more manly that I was able to set my ego and my pride of a man aside and just put a little bit of powder on my face to feel better.

Grayson Dolan also shared a clip where he explained how proud he was of Ethan for so openly sharing his personal story.