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Lena The Plug engaged to boyfriend Adam 22

Lena The Plug is a social media influencer and an adult content creator. She was raised by very strict Christian parents. In her first-ever interview, she talked about how a show like ‘Boy Meets World’ was too risky for her to watch. Lena The Plug graduated from the University of California and got a degree in Psychology. She got into grad school as well, but it was too expensive for. So, she started working at a social media startup. And that is where her co-workers gave her the nickname “Lena The Plug”. She was aware of the fact that a 9-5 job was not for her. So she started working as a Snapchat model. Gradually, her fan following increased. Now she has over one million followers on YouTube and takes seven-figure paychecks home.

She shared in a conversation with Forbes:

I only got into this business because so many followers kept asking me if I had premium content. Now I use my social media platforms as marketing tools for my business. And as a way to meet the other creators to work with. I owe everything to the internet and these platforms.

Lena The Plug has a boyfriend named Adam22

Lena The Plug started dating Adam John Grandmaison commonly known as Adam22. Adam 22 is a hip-hop tastemaker. He has his own YouTube channel where he posts Vlogs and podcasts. They started dating in 2016. This means that they’re together for almost 5 years now. Both of them also appear on each other’s YouTube channels. In an interview, Adam22 revealed that they have a semi-open relationship. They had their firstborn in 2020 and named her Parker. The couple recently got engaged as well.

Adam posted a Vlog “I Asked Her To Marry Me” a couple of days ago on his YouTube channel. In which he surprises Lana with a romantic trip to Malibu and puts a very exquisite diamond ring on her finger.

Adam asks at the end of the Vlog if she liked the surprise or not. To which Lana answers:

“You did amazing. I was surprised so many times today. You did great on my gifts and love my purse (Louis Vuitton)”.

Dayumn! I think we all need a fiance like Adam. Because he surely knows how to spoil his girlfriend with lots of gifts. Last but not least, the couple along with their close friends celebrated Lana’s 30th birthday. Well, we are really happy for them. And can’t wait to see their engagement pictures.