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Evanescence Faces Extreme Rage By Upset Fans

The “Bring Me To Life” rockers, Evanescence faced a violent outburst by furious fans at the Knotfest festival in Mexico City. The outburst exploded when the band was forced to cancel its performance due to a broken barricade alongside Slipknot.

The festival descended into chaos when bunch of upset fans huddled onto the stage and started to destroy the band’s drumkit. The video from the festival showing a set of drums on fire went viral.

Upon the shattering breakdown of the festival, Slipknot clarified the situation while giving the following statement:

 “We apologize profusely and hope you all understand. If anything were to happen to any of you, we wouldn’t forgive ourselves. Also, if  we could have fixed the barricade correctly, we would have gone on stage. “

The band feels devastated

However, Evanescence took to Instagram in response to the massive outburst, commenting that although devastated and heartbroken by the whole situation, they don’t see it as representation of their fans in that city.

“Even though we are devastated by the destruction of our instruments and gear, we do not see the violent end to last night as a representation of our Mexican fans.”

Similarly, Will Hunt (drummer) also took to social media to reflect his thoughts on the violence and brutal destruction of his drum kit. Although he is extremely upset by the tragic incident, he says that this “will not change his love for Mexican fans”.

“So, a lot of questions about this. First and foremost everyone is ok. We love Mexico and as a whole the fans are incredible. The riot that happened was a small group of morons and they WILL NOT change my love for the Mexican people or our fans in Mexico”

Evanescence is geared up for the ‘Worlds Collide Tour’

Despite all unrest, Evanescence has been geared up for its Worlds Collide European Tour alongside Within Temptation for April 2020. The bands will be co-headlining for the FIRST TIME EVER, making it one of the most anticipated tours of 2020.