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Stephen Colbert’s Take on Ivanka Trump’s Comment

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Stephen Colbert has delivered a blasting breakdown of Ivanka Trump on Thursday’s episode of The Late Night Show. The comedian targeted Ivanka Trump’s interview at an Axios event. Apparently, President Trump‘s daughter had talked about how the separation of families at the border was a ‘low point’ for her.

During the show, Colbert imitated Ivanka Trump saying how she got through the whole thing by doing nothing. The host added how the White House adviser was close to displaying empathy and compared her situation to one where a person ignores the situation of their house which is on fire till the time the flames reach the chair they are sitting on.

At the Axios event, Ivanka Trump commented against the administration policies of the government she herself is a part of. The adviser criticized the immigration policy saying that she was against the separation of families. And that immigration, especially illegal immigration was a very complicated topic. Stephen Colbert mocked this point by saying that,

Ivanka assures us that her dad stealing children has given her the feels … Just imagine how upset she’ll be when the feds drag away Don Jr.

Further, Stephen Colbert recognized that Ivanka Trump’s responses to her father’s claims made no sense. Apparently, Donald Trump believes the media to be the enemy of the people and when she was asked if she agreed to it, she did not. But Ivanka Trump also mentioned that she would not be elaborating on it. But The Late Night Show host did not just stop there. He brought in Donald Trump’s latest tweets on Ivanka’s talk.

Colbert used this to advise Trump supporters to only violently threaten a large percentage of media at the next rally.

In another part of the interview, Ivanka Trump declared that the high point of her job was getting out of Washington. Colbert joked how that was his high point of Ivanka Trump’s job too. With this beat-by-beat breakdown, Stephen Colbert did know how to end it on the perfect note. He cornered the bit of the interview where Ivanka Trump claimed that passing the Republican tax reform bill was another high point of her job. The The comedian said that she helped do that in the same way that his nephew helps him mow the lawn with his bubble mower and stressed on his question that what exactly did she do there?

Stephen Colbert has previously taken on a lot of people- be it celebrities, Trump administration members or people like Alex Jones. This time he took a shot at the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump, and the audience surely enjoyed how he blasted her.

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