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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review – A Sad Voyage On A Cruise Ship

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The highly anticipated Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the fifth installment of the Jurassic Park Universe was released to theaters on 21st May 2018. The Sci-Fi adventure film was penned down by the original Jurassic Park writers Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow. The man behind this flick is J.A. Bayona while Steven Spielberg featured as its producer.

The Story

The Story of Jurassic World takes place three years after the events showcased by its first installment. Cataclysmic circumstances had left the revamped Jurassic Park forsaken. The threat from humans has subsided but a greater natural catastrophe awaits the Park. Meteorologists anticipate a ravaging volcanic eruption to inevitably destroy the park, and delete the very existence of dinosaurs from the face of Earth.

Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), who now works for the Dinosaur Preservation Group, is summoned to rescue these ancient creatures. The rescue mission is panned out by a billionaire who claims to preserve these ancient treasures for the sake of natural balance. He tells Claire that the dinosaurs will be preserved in their dinosaur protection park facility. Claire requests Owen (Chris Pratt), her now ex-boyfriend, to accompany her on the trip in order to track Blue, his beloved velociraptor. During the trip, it’s clear that Claire and Owen are in over their heads; eventually they’re forced into a life-or-death situation — both for themselves and for the dinosaurs they want to save.

Is the Movie Worth Watching?

Perhaps the one reason the film stays connected to the ground (and our hearts) is how the creators try to craft the nostalgic warmth between the dinosaurs and their saviors. It is the determination, willpower and dedication of the lead characters that molds this unevenly toned plot in this intriguingly endearing narrative.

Probably the greatest loophole of the entire movie was that there was no main plot. The picture compromised of several arcs which were just glued together. Cordilleras and sierras of anecdotes ranged throughout the movie, leaving the audience confused as to at which venue should they expect a climax. There was a general zeitgeist of perplexity as to what the film was trying to do, was it rescuing the dinosaurs, was it rehabilitating the dinosaurs. Or, was it just a crime thriller where heroes would hamper an underworld smuggler’s attempts at taking over.

How Was the Acting?

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas were absolute maestros, an authentic Jurassic Universe prodigy that has contributed greatly to the brand’s success. Their affinity despite being separated was applaudable to such extents where the audience would yearn for them to get back together, over hoping for the dinosaurs long life.  The smarmy villains (Rafe Spall, who’s inherited his father Timothy’s ability to play devil quite well) filled in well for the loose holes.  Isabella Sermon was accurately adorable in her first role. The supporting characters Daniella Pined and Justice Smith was amply witty to allow the film to an optimistic mood throughout.


The dinosaurs; however, aren’t exactly the creatures who take the spotlight here. Rather, it the intricate computer devised menacing beasts take the main spotlight here.  The film has limited gore, but enough scare to creep the hell out of our souls. It smartly maneuvers impending hazards into frightening, risky sequences. There is more apprehension than there was in The Nun. Additionally, the movie doesn’t also require on jump scares for the sake of twists and surprises, making things more watchable.

Things show off new shades but not as much as they used to. Their ability to draw out wonder, terror and empathetic recognition — the whole point of this merchandise, after all — has declined even as the potential of computer-generated imagery has expanded. Now I think I understand. The kingdom has fallen. The park is gone. Welcome to a world where the dinosaurs are domestic animals-mundane and uninteresting.

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