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Dua Lipa Makes TikTok video

TikTok is everywhere. The app is taking over everyone. It has, since its release, become one of the most famous social media platforms. So, it does not come as a surprise to us that our celebrities are also using the application. The app has got literally everything. From a cheesy Indian guy talking to a dog, to r-rated video clips. It is surprising how the app has so much attention. Most recently, the iconic singer of ‘New Rules’, Dua Lipa, made a TikTok video! And she made sure her followers got it as she shared it on her Twitter account.

The video she made is a choreographed video of the chorus from her latest single, ‘Physical’. It’s a pretty catchy song.

Dua Lipa Makes TikTok post a girls’ night!

TikTok is insanely used by people who are on it. It has turned everyone into an actor, dancer and voiceover artist. Most of the content on the website often turns cringy. Dua Lipa probably realizes that as Her caption points out that she is not a huge fan of TikTok.

I wasn’t gonna start making TikToks and this may be the only one EVER…

For her making the TikTok was only a spur of the moment decision with her girlfriends after having a fun dinner as they wanted to enjoy some quality time together.

but it was actually so much fun post dinner with the girls!!

According to the first part of Dua Lipa’s caption though, makes it sound like her label has wanted her to use TikTok for quite some time now.

Here’s some insanely time consuming piece of content that my label are gonna be so bloody happy I made.

The choreography is good too. Although, the music video posted officially is all the alluring shades of red, purple, blue and green and yellow. Well, pretty much the whole basic color palette is shown here!

sddefault Dua lipa tiktok, Physical

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