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Instead Of Moving To Space, Dominique Tipper Believes In Making Earth A More Live-able Place

Dominique Tipper, whom The Expanse foregrounds in the extremely talented shipboard engineer – Naomi Nagata, isn’t an advocate of space colonization. Well, at least for now. Unlike, Nagata, of course, Tipper hasn’t had any miserable experiences on the Belt. Yet, the actress ‘ alignment against the idea delivers a far more insightful view about the disasters of space-lodging. The Expanse Season 4 Release Date, The Expanse Season 4 Trailer, plot

Dominique Tipper Insists That Space Colonization Isn’t A Good Idea, At Least For Now.

If there is anything the best space opera of all times has taught us, it’s definitely that we shouldn’t live in space. Not when the Earth and Mars are rivals. And especially not when Chrisjen Avasarala hates being there.

Tipper’s debate against space colonization has; however less to do with the inter-galactic politics that the Sci-Fi series has so far showcased, or the realpolitik The Expanse Season 4 is bound to depict.  In fact, Tipper’s debates have more environmental and social tones when she talks about not living in space.  The Expanse Season 4 Release Date, The Expanse Season 4 Trailer, plot

Dominique Tipper Wants To Make The Earth More Livable

Dominique Tipper has a simple ideology: everyone must get involved in making the Earth a better place. Tipper believes that until and unless the gross quality of life touches the benchmark, which is still mostly ideological for several societies, space colonization shouldn’t really be considered as a plan. Access to clean water, healthy food, and basic utilities must be a global thing rather than a privilege. The ‘universal’ characteristic of human rights must have more practical ground than its theoretical analysis, and everyone must dwell in this world in complete harmony, with desired comforts. One this ‘ideal’ state is achieved, only then suggestions for celestial expansion can be tabled.

A Continuing Debate

Dominique’s view on the issue stirred multiple arguments between her fans on Twitter. The actress carefully and logically answered all of the responses.

For instance, a fan asserted that how basic rights is more of an administrative problem and people would be relieved of the chaos if they just shifted elsewhere. This instantly prompted a response from Dominique Tipper, who rationally discussed that if space colonization is to happen, it would indeed be offered to the administration (the people in charge) first.

Tipper’s compelling statements were downright inspiring. In fact, a fan suggested that the show should have this debate with the characters on screen.

When Will The Expanse Be Back With Its Season 4?

In her statements, Dominique drew meta citations from the fundamental issues The Expanse talks about – the issues which it will probably attempt to solve in its future installments. But, for now, The Expanse’s new season will move in a completely different direction to the aforementioned debate. The story for this new season will completely take place on a new planet, Ilus, loosely following the plot of James S. A. Corey’s fourth book of The Expanse volume. It is currently unknown when the Expanse Season 4 will arrive at Amazon Prime, but it isn’t a situation that won’t change soon. The Expanse Season 4 Release Date, The Expanse Season 4 Trailer, plot