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Dolan Twins Receive Online Backlash For Their New Merch

n the world of YouTubers and influencers, launching your own merch is part of the game. However, the Dolan Twins are receiving backlash for launching their recent merchandise. Apparently, fans are not happy to be used as a ‘quick cash grab’.

Earlier this year, Dolan Twins announced that they are quitting YouTube

Although they took a hiatus back in 2018 as well, it seems more permanent this time. In January, Dolan Twins decided to cut ties with YouTube. Therefore, they have not posted any video for the past seven months. For seven years, Dolan Twins have reigned as everyone’s favorite twin YouTubers. From 2016 to 2019, they were nominated for Teen Choice Awards. They won three times out of four. According to them, YouTube has started to feel limiting and stale. In an episode of their podcast, Deeper With Dolan Twins, Grayson said:

We are not moving on from YouTube because we have a lack of appreciation for you guys. Your support over the past seven years of our lives — I can’t even explain the level of appreciation I have for you.

Recently, the twins launched the latest addition of Spread Positivity merch

In 2020, Dolan Twins launched their very own brand, Spread Positivity. It echoes the message with which they started their YouTube channel. According to the tagline, their aim is to ‘make positivity cool together’. From t-shirts to hoodies, from shorts to socks to enamel pins, you will find everything on their website. At the same time, there are caps and totes bags as well. The prices range between 15-65 dollars. However, the designs are pretty basic and don’t really stand out.

After Dolan Twins launched their merch, their fans were not happy at all

Their new addition of merch received major backlash. However, it was not because of the products, but the attitude of Dolan Twins towards their fans. One follower wrote:

The guys drop merch then dip. I love them but it’s not all about money. Fans matter too.

Another fans shared their terrible experience and said that she never received the hoodie that they ordered. Despite sending them emails, she did not get any response.

Meanwhile, another was surprised that Dolan Twins still have fans and wrote:

The Dolan Twins still have fans? I swear they said mope around the fact they dislike staying in the spotlight, but try to keep relevance intact. I swear the fans should just stop, they never cared and should just say their done w the internet.

According to one follower, launching merch makes no sense as they are not really active on social media. They are not making YouTube videos or continuing the podcast or making any music. Therefore, their is no point of selling the merch.

You don’t come out with merch if you aren’t doing anything. If you aren’t on YT, not doing a podcast, not on tv, not doing music, or an artist trying to sell your work then you shouldn’t have merch.

Despite the backlash, Dolan Twins have not responded yet. At the same time, there is a huge question mark on the sales of their merch. With such backlash, its highly unlikely.