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Doja Cat released New Track ‘Need to Know’

Doja Cat released New Track ‘Need to Know’

Our favorite female rapper is back with another song. The famous rapper, Doja Cat, has released some remarkable singles and albums over time. One of the very famous songs is ‘Boss B*tch’. Almost everyone has heard it once in their lives, and if you have not. This is your cue to go to YouTube and listen to it RIGHT NOW. The video is especially to die for. Boss B*tch has 270 million views on YouTube. This song was in the very famous movie ‘Birds of Prey’.

Doja Cat also released a single with another famous female singer SZA. The song was titled ‘Kiss Me More’ and has almost 96 million views on YouTube. She also collaborated with another successful rapper, Nicki Minaj. The song was titled ‘Say So’. I can go on and on about Doja Cat’s beautifully-written popular songs because there are so many. But let’s talk about the recent track she released.

Doja Cat releases a new single from her upcoming album

Doja Cat released a new song ‘Need to Know’ a day ago and it has already hit 5 million views on YouTube. This song has everything one can dream of in Doja’s songs. Sharp drums, bass hits, and extremely good lyrics. The videography is to die for!!! And no I am not exaggerating. The track starts with Doja Cat playing a video game and she is shown as an Alien in the song. She is sipping drinks with her fellow Alien friends in the video. She then goes to a club with her friends where she meets a man. We can also see some spaceships roaming around the space city.

Check out the video here:

Doja Cat

We are honestly SUPER obsessed with the song and the video as well. Doja Cat really outdid herself. But there are more songs to come as this is an album that Doja will be releasing.