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Demi Lovato Wants To Make Out With Rihanna

I think I haven’t ever held back from telling everyone what a queen Demi Lovato is. She’s been fighting silent battles ever since she entered the industry and she has always come on top each time. Lately, Demi has been doing good mentally and physically as she recovers from her overdose in 2018. And she recently revealed something interesting about her love for Rihanna.

Demi Lovato On The Ellen Show

Demi appeared on The Ellen Show recently to talk about her new movie, Eurovision. It stars Demi alongside Will Ferrel and Rachel McAdams. And Demi revealed after playing the role of Will Ferrel’s daughter in the movie, she wanted to make him her second dad IRL. She also fangirled over Rachel McAdams and some of her hits including Mean Girls and The Notebook and called herself “a total millennial.”

Demi Fan Girls Over Rihanna

The last time Demi was on the show, she played a game of ‘Who’d You Rather?’ where she chose Rihanna every single time. Ellen assumed she would’ve gotten a call from Rihanna by now but Demi revealed she hasn’t.

“It’s okay if she hasn’t called. I don’t take offense. She IS Rihanna,” Demi said.

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Demi Lovato shared her love for Rihanna and said, “Look, I just want to make out, okay? I mean, we could do a song together too and we make out in the video. I don’t know.”

And judging from the thirsty comments on this video, Demi probably isn’t the only one who’d love to lock lips with Rihanna.

Watch Demi Lovato discuss her two new tattoos, why she’s taking a break from dating and when Eurovision is coming out here.