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Game of Thrones Sophie Turner Regrets her Wedding Outfit

Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner confided at a recent interview with Elle UK, That she regrets her wedding dress choice at co-star Kit Harington's wedding

Don’t all of us try out a wedding dress before the actual wedding day? It is, well, very very important. However, the Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner was not able to do so and ended up wearing one of her worse wedding day dress choices.

Time and again, most of us have been through a wardrobe malfunction. But luckily for us, it’s not on a world rostrum. Such luxury does not come for major actors. Sophie Turner who has played one of the leading roles in one of the biggest TV series in recent history, Game of Thrones, also does not enjoy this luxury. In her latest interview with Elle UK, the actress said, that was her worst fashion choice.

The Wedding Dress

The celebrity attended a wedding of her co-stars, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, in Aberdeen, Scotland. She wore a red blazer mini dress with thigh-high black boots. And carried her outfit with a checkered cross-body bag. She completed her look wearing red cat sunglasses.

Mrs. Sophie Turner Joe received a lot of media attention. Media and posts declared it as an “unconventional choice” and an inappropriate outfit for a wedding function.

In her recent interview, she explained that the dress was not her initial choice. She had arranged two other options but they did not get delivered in time for the wedding. She said it was a “fashion emergency” and she had to work on a last-minute alternative:

“I’ll forever regret this look, one of my worst looks. Both of my really classy dresses that I’d picked out did not fit me, because they’d arrived the day of the wedding and I hadn’t had a chance to try them on”.

It was either the thigh-high boots or these nice heels, but I felt like, ‘If I just wear the heels, then all of my leg is showing, if I cover up a little bit, then…'” she recalls.

“Ugh, it was a disaster.”