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Demi Lovato On PBD With Ashley Graham

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Demi Lovato has been a beacon of strength for a long time. She has always been open about her life, regardless of being judged, criticized and scrutinized for every move.

Demi Lovato

She recently sat down to discuss her life, living in the spotlight and the struggles of social media on Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham.

Demi Lovato On Being Bullied In School

Demi revealed she was homeschooled because of the bullying she faced at public school. Her last day, she was bullied so much that she felt threatened. So she called her mom to come, pick her up from the bathroom she was hiding in. And by noon that day, Demi was taken out of school and was homeschooled by her mom ever since.

On Being Vulnerable And Open On Social Media

When Ashley asked where Demi’s openness on social media comes from, she answered by saying gratitude is the most important thing for her. And with gratitude comes humility. And her belief is, no matter what life throws at you or what opportunities you get, if you could just be humble and go through all those achievements being down to earth, then you’ll be good. Because that way, you will never forget where you came from. And you would never take anything for granted. And that’s why Demi is so open on social media. If she makes mistakes, she owns up to it on social media because she knows she doesn’t know everything. Demi Lovato realizes it wasn’t easy getting to where she is now and always wants to appreciate and be real no matter what she achieves in her career.

On Body Shaming

Demi Lovato revealed she has always struggled with body image issues. But talking about her infamous bikini picture with Ashley, she said she just didn’t want to ruin her mental health to look a certain way anymore. She was working her ass off in the gym every day for 6 days a week and doing crazy diets which led to her eating disorder. And it all just didn’t seem worth it to her. She would, at times, take business meetings at the gym just because she was working out so much at one point. She would only take a break to eat a meal then go back to working out again. And that can never be healthy. Neither for your body nor for your mind. There is no happiness in living like that, no freedom. Even your body needs a break.

“I just decided not to live that life anymore.”

Demi Lovato.


She talked about a lot more things. Catch the entire conversation here.

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