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“Good girls are boring”: David Dobrik’s alleged text message about Durte Dom’s victim, revealed by assistant

After Durte Dom tried to expose David Dobrik, his former assistant Cassandra Ramos exposed Natalie Noel. She shared her disturbing texts.

It looks like David Dobrik and Vlog Squad are not yet out of the hot waters. Earlier this week, Durte Dom posted a video. In the video, he addressed the SA accusations. At the same time, he brought Dobrik’s former assistant, Cassandra Ramos, to reveal his role in this incident. After that, Ramos held a Q&A on Instagram. During the session, people asked her about Dobrik’s current assistant; she revealed a rather dark text. According to the text, Natalie Noel has very degrading views about Dom’s victims.

A few days back, Durte Dom posted a video claiming that s** between him and Hannah was consensual.

In March, a woman named Hannah came forward with SA and r**e allegations against Durte Dom. According to her, David Dobrik and Vlog Squad approached her and her friends for collaboration. The video was about Dobrik and friends initiating group s**. During the video, Dom goes into the room with two girls. Meanwhile, David Dobrik and others are outside commenting on the whole situation. In the end, Dom comes out sweating immensely and thanks Dobrik. However, Hannah accused him of SA. According to her, she was extremely drunk and passed out. Therefore, she did not consent to the s**.

In the latest video, Durte Dom claimed otherwise. At the same time, he brought Dobrik’s former assistant, Cassandra. According to her, Dobrik and Vlog Squad knew the whole situation. Similarly, when Hannah initially urged them to take off the video, Dobrik refused. It was only after a lawyer suggested that they should he agreed. Although Dom apologized for ‘hurting Hannah in any way’, people did not know but his explanation.

Recently, Cassandra revealed a conversation she had with the assistant David Dobrik.

Although David Dobrik had repeatedly apologized and expressed his regret, his friends could not take a hint. In a recent Q&A on Instagram, Cassandra Ramos revealed text messages between her and Natalie Noel. She is an influencer and assistant to David Dobrik. Ramos has constantly been answering fans’ questions to provide a clear picture of what happened. When a fan asked if Noel is fake in real life as she appears on camera, Ramos shared messages of her. In the texts, Noel had made insulting comments about the SA victims. She said:

“Okay, don’t be a snob, they’re admittedly wh**es, but that’s the point. No good girl agrees to hu [hook up] with dom, how else would he get that shit. But David Dobrik needs the dirty girls bc they party and do the ratchet shit he needs for the videos… Good girls are boring. He can’t film u and I, we aren’t content.”

At the time of the said incident, Noel came forward with support for the victims. However, it seems that she was faking it for the sake of the internet. So far, David Dobrik or any other member of Vlog Squad has not responded. I guess, there is nothing to say after this.