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Daveed Diggs Will be on Green Eggs and Ham Show

Daveed Diggs has teased that he will be a character on the upcoming Netflix show Green Eggs and Ham but who will he be?

I t looks like Dr. Seuss’s tale of convincing people to eat oddly colored food for breakfast is finally becoming a possibility. And that’s because Green Eggs and Ham is officially confirmed as a 13-part animated series for Netflix. But that’s probably not the best part.  Ellen DeGeneres produced this show, and we have an all-star cast ready to perform. And that includes Tracy Morgan, Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas, Ilana Glazer, Daveed Diggs, Adam DeVine, Eddie Izzard, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Keegan-Michael Key, and Jillian Bell. But apart from the two roles that are already out, we don’t know who will be playing which character.

Daveed Diggs Confirms his Presence on Upcoming Green Eggs and Ham Netflix Show

Daveed Diggs himself took to Instagram to tease his role in the upcoming Netflix show. He shared a picture of the Green Eggs and Ham posted posing a question if fans could guess which one he was. But he did not give out an answer because for that, we need to wait until the fall season when the show premieres. However, if anybody’s speculating, you can rule out Guy Am I and Sam I am because Michael Douglas and Adam DeVine are playing those respectively.

Everything About the Netflix Animated Series ‘Green Eggs and Ham’…

A press release for this show has claimed that Sam and Guy will embark on a quest-like adventure. And find some common ground, presumably, through sharing the titular breakfast dish. The show has been in the making for 3 years now. And with an initial budget of $60 million, it was considered one of the most expensive Netflix projects ever. This fall season, all 13 episodes will land on Netflix.

Until more details are released, you can watch this trailer to hype your excitement.

Daveed Diggs, Green Eggs and Ham, Netflix

Daveed Diggs is an American actor, rapper and singer who has successfully added both a Grammy and a Tony Award to his name. His most prominent works include Hamilton, Wonder and Blindspotting. He will also be appearing in the upcoming Netflix horror Velvet Buzzsaw.