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Ike Barinholtz Unsatisfied With Mindy Kaling’s Birthday Post

Mindy Kaling wished her friend and former costar Ike Barinholtz a happy birthday on Instagram but he seems unhappy with her post.

T he very popular Kelly Kapoor from the NBC sitcom The Office should win an award for delivering the best birthday wishes ever. Mindy Kaling took to Instagram to honor her friend and former costar Ike Barinholtz on his birthday. But looks like she chopped his head off in the picture. And he seems a bit too unimpressed with the efforts she added or the post after all. Barinholtz left a detailed comment underneath the picture. And let’s just say, that it’s one of the worst replies one could make on any birthday post. But then again, Kaling actually uploaded a picture in which Ike’s head is chopped off. Was she doing it out of fun or is there something wrong between the duo?

Mindy Kaling Uploads a Birthday post for Ike Barinholtz Cropping His Face Out…

Kaling uploaded a picture of herself posing with a headless man that you might have some trouble recognizing. But she tagged Ike Barinholtz in the caption confirming that it was him. She wished him a happy birthday, and claimed that in honor of his special day, he had finally grabbed a place on her main Instagram feed.

But probably only dedicating a post was not enough for the comedian. He commented on it saying that he was truly grateful for it. But then he delivered Mindy Kaling a detailed set of instructions on how to re-post the same picture. He told her to go back, and wait for the grid button and then adjust the picture in a way that she could see his face. He added that this was a very nice gesture. But even then, it was completely useless. But he loved it and was so honored so if only she could re-crop the picture before posting it again.

The Friendship Between Mindy Kaling and Ike Barinholtz…

Mindy Kaling and Ike Barinholtz have been friends for a long time now. Possibly from 2012 when their work The Mindy Project came into existence. But looks like Ike was not really in for the project at first. He wanted to continue with both his passion of writing and acting. And it’s as hard as it sounds. But then he met his co-writer Mindy and Dave Stassen who allowed him to manage both perfectly. While talking about how Mindy Kaling helped him through all this, and got him to act on the show, Barinholtz recalled that,

When Mindy Kaling vouches for you, people listen. After a week in the writers room, she saw how stupid and loud I was. She thought it was good for a character, so she wrote up [a sample scene], and I read for her [and executive producers] Matt Warburton and Howard Klein. I never had to audition for the show, and then in the second episode I was written in. Mindy gets her nose broken by Beverly, so I came in, fixed her nose, and it just worked.

But Kaling has done a lot more for Ike Barinholtz than this. She has breathed life into him. And during the journey on the show, they literally grew up together and remained best friends. Ike is happy to see her become the boss that she is now. And added that she is one of the funniest people ever.
Ike Barinholtz is an American comedian, actor and screenwriter. Apart from Suicide Squad, The Oath and Blockers, he was on The Mindy Project all the way till 2017. Mindy Kaling is an American actress, comedian and writer who is most prominent for her role as Kelly Kapoor on The Office. She is also an executive producer and director. Her other works include The Mindy Project, Ocean’s 8 and Inside Out.